Contact Center Solutions for Financial Institutions

Today’s customers choose who to do business with based on who meets their customer service expectations, this is where Enghouse Interactive can help.

  • Offer customers more choice with mobile self-serve options and multiple omnichannel entry points.
  • Provide a seamless customer journey with real-time and historical analytics which is easy for the customer, agent and supervisor to engage with and support
  • Improve a client’s ability to connect: self-service, IVR, SMS, mobile apps chat, etc.
  • Support agents with Real Time Speech Analytics (RTSA) which, using phrase recognition and soft speech evaluators such as cross talk, speech ratio and tempo, ensures compliancy and good call cadence

Improving the Customer Journey

Today’s tech-savvy customer demands a personalized service approach and wants to contact you via a variety of channels and devices. This means your contact center agents are handling increasingly more complex customer journeys. Enghouse Interactive contact center solutions provide agents with 360° views of the customer journey, delivering the right information at the right time. As a result, an agent’s ability to serve, convert and upsell at pivotal points in a customer journey is improved.

To find out more about how Enghouse Interactive’s solutions could help your financial organization,  take a look at our whitepaper and case study or contact us to discuss your requirements.

GE Capital

“… This has allowed us to take the stigma out of collections.. and create a customer experience for the customer that they want to see”, says Steve Beranek, International Strategic Collections Leader, of GE Capital.