Contact Center: Enterprise

Contact Center: Enterprise

Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center: Enterprise (formerly Syntellect CIM) is a highly adaptable, multi-channel platform that enables contact centers to deliver a superior customer experience, ensuring the customer reaches the right resource anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

A data-driven, multi-channel routing engine delivers customer interactions to a unified queue so the agent has comprehensive access to the customer interaction lifecycle, across all communications and work tasks, increasing agent productivity and effectiveness as well as improving overall contact center performance. With Contact Center: Enterprise, organizations can communication-enable their specific business processes, leaving the “cookie-cutter” interaction routing behind. With its distributed, highly scalable and resilient architecture, enterprises have the flexibility to deploy on premise or in the cloud, optimizing costs and meeting enterprise contact center needs now and in the future.

Innovation that Drives an Exceptional Customer Experience

Exceeding customer expectations should be a primary objective for any organization. Contact Center: Enterprise helps contact centers achieve this by offering customers their preferred choice of communication, including Voice, Email, Fax, SMS, Web, Social and IVR. Organizations can deliver proactive, outbound customer service and notifications that help build and enhance customer engagement and loyalty.

Improving agent productivity by delivering an innovative and intuitive agent experience is a key factor in making every customer interaction count. Contact Center: Enterprise’s patented unified queue centralizes management of customer interactions across all communication channels and interaction tasks, providing a comprehensive view of all customer interactions. By linking cross-channel interactions an agent sees all the business they do with their customer, whether the interaction started as a web chat and finished with a phone call or came in as an email quickly followed by a customer chat. This complete lifecycle-based view of all customer engagements results in consistent customer engagement and better interaction outcomes.Actionable contact center analytics provide real-time and historical intelligence, empowering managers to make the necessary adjustments that improve the flow of interactions and helps ensure the right agent is engaged with the right customer at precisely the right time.

Flexible Agent and Deployment Options

An organization’s ability to optimize contact center deployments to improve operational performance is a key element in maximizing the return on investment.

Contact Center: Enterprise iAgent provides a modern, dynamic and intuitive agent experience, streamlining agent interaction management into a single, powerful and rich multi-channel contact center application.

Contact Center: Enterprise also provides flexible deployment options, on-premise, distributed across multiple sites or on a public cloud infrastructure. The following cloud deployment options help ensure that operational costs are optimized and enterprise contact center needs are met now and in the future:

  • Private Cloud: an on premise deployment with the flexibility to centralize or distribute components across multiple sites
  • Virtual Private Cloud: leverages a cloud infrastructure as a service (i.e. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, EC2) environment to create a reserved, isolated and private section of the cloud, replacing the need for on-premise servers
  • Hybrid Cloud: connects on-premise and public cloud Contact Center: Enterprise components and other applications

Key Contact Center: Enterprise Capabilities

  • Global unified queue blends multi-channel and work tasks
  • Customer, skills and proficiency based routing connect each customer with the right resource
  • Customer segmentation and prioritization ensures that each customer receives an optimal experience
  • Distributed push interactions or agent pull interactions provide for the maximum flexibility in how you configure interaction distribution, allowing agents to proactively provide a great service experience
  • Enterprise-class scalability ensures your solution can grow with your business.
  • Distributed, multi-node architecture provides resiliency and failover capability
  • Global system configuration means the system can be administered from anywhere
  • Infrastructure independence preserves telephony investments with support for traditional PBX or IP Telephony environments
  • Task interactions enable process and workflow items to be tracked, escalated, and reported
  • iVault provides agents an interaction lifecycle history linking cross- channel interactions for a comprehensive customer profile
  • Open APIs allow for quick and robust integrations to your key enterprise applications

With the power and flexibility of Contact Center: Enterprise, organizations can improve customer engagement and exceed customer expectations, improve agent productivity through an innovative agent experience, and optimize deployments while improving operational performance.


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