Smart Advice for Utilities Companies

The worst thing utilities—or any businesses—can do when problems occur is to make it difficult for customers to reach them.

New technology is changing the way utility companies meter and bill for their services. The implementation of smart meters will streamline many processes such as monthly meter readings, instant outage alerts, energy conservation and more. But that doesn’t mean all problems will be eliminated, rather you’ll have a different set of problems to work with.

No matter the problem, proper communication with customers will always be an essential piece of business operations.

Today’s smart-phone carrying customers are used to communicating in a variety of ways, including email, SMS, social media, IM/web chat, and VoIP to name a few. Providing  superior customer service requires utility companies to work with an “omnichannel” contact center provider that can bring together all these communication channels into a single desktop experience.

Ventana Research Report

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The key benefit of Control Center Client is that the tailored features required for a specific market have already been
baked-in to the solution—they don't have to be built from scratch.

Sheila McGee-Smith | No Jitter