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Top Tips: Customer Experience

Can Contact Centers Benefit from ‘Skype for Business’?

The adoption of collaboration tools within many enterprises has created a revolution that’s driving a new age of customer service.  This revolution is shifting to an evolution as businesses seek to extract added value from services such as Microsoft Lync and now Skype for Business.  These changes are impacting how businesses approach unified communications as they embrace omnichannel customer interaction.

Top Tips: Unified Communications

UC Doesn’t Mean a U-turn in your Customer Communications

UC technology has made a transition as organizations first use applications like Microsoft Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber internally to check presence and route calls. Realizing this new methodology could also support external communications, enabling them to quickly route customers to the individual best placed to respond. Here are our top tips on how businesses can make the most of the approach.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Emotional Intelligence in the Age of Interruption

Most people are looking for effortless customer service. This is being driven at least in part by the need for speed. If people are interrupted multiple times during a day, they will increasingly want and need to get their own issues and concerns rapidly resolved. We discover more about emotional intelligence in the age of continuous interruption.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Are you Giving your Customers an Easy Life?

Read our top tips to see how to make your services as easy as possible for your customers to deal with your organization. It’s an important lesson for businesses to learn as 60% of respondents to a recent survey said they had never done business with a brand again as a result of poor customer service.

Top Tips: Customer Experience

Be Proactive with your Customers

We are now seeing a growing number of businesses learning lessons and achieving excellent results by adopting a proactive approach to customer service. So how are successful businesses going about being proactive today? Here are some top tips to keep you on the front foot as you look to deliver effortless customer service. Take a look at our top tips with real practicals examples.

Article: Unified Communications

Age of Interruption

With the world being dominated by digital technology where doing battle with a continuous stream of emails, instant messages and mobile phone calls has become a daily fact of life this is resulting in the “Age of Interruption” whereby workers are becoming “skimmers”, is this the same case when talking to your customers? Read our article to learn more.

Article: Customer Experience

The New Age of Polarized Customer Service

We are entering a new age of customer service, characterized by a stark generational divide in consumer likes and dislikes. This polarization around age is the overriding lesson is that a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works in today’s complex market. Read our article to learn more.

Article: Customer Experience

How to Optimize Customer Access

Intelligently providing your customers with a choice of channels through which to communicate, based upon the nature of their need, can deliver a more efficient, lower effort experience and will differentiate your service from that of your competitors. Read our article to learn more.

Article: Customer Experience

How Can Businesses Deliver True Self-Service Without Damaging Customer Experience?

All every customer wants is a quick and accurate answer to their question. Most don’t mind how they receive it. Yet, the days when organizations were advised to bury their contact details deep in their website so customers had no alternative but to take the self-service option are over. Read our article to learn how to make your customers work for you.

Whitepapers / Guides

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

Are you Listening to your Customers and Agents?

Traditionally, you build an approach around measuring statistics related to call handling from call volumes to call answer time; average call handle time; abandonment rates and queue time, for example. However, there are clearly some significant limitations with this approach to quality of the service and performance. Read our whitepaper to learn a new approach.

Whitepaper: Unified Communications

The Connected Enterprise

It’s a balancing act, but for many companies today the potential benefits outweigh the perceived risks, especially as UC platforms can be the catalyst that helps make the connected enterprise a reality. So, how can businesses start to put in place the building blocks of the connected enterprise by using unified communications technology together with the latest customer interaction technology? View some top tips to avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the opportunities of a connected enterprise.

Whitepaper: Customer Experience

How to Build A Customer-Centric Enterprise

Customers are the lifeblood of your organization and should be at the heart of everything your employees do, and should not be the sole concern of those in the front line of your organization. It’s only when every employee defines their actions by the impact they have on the customer experience, can you consider yourself a truly customer-centric enterprise. Read our article to becoming a truly customer-centric enterprise.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

The Evolution of the Contact Center

Over the past few years we’ve seen dramatic changes in the relationship between corporate business and customer. Download our whitepaper to help make the right choices in a rapidly changing world.

Whitepaper: Cloud Contact Center

Building a Business Case for Cloud Contact Centers

This white paper explores the business case for cloud contact centers, delving into four key benefits of Contact Center as a Service. Looking at this from the perspective of the service provider considering bringing a Contact Center as a Service solution to market, it’s clear that Cloud contact centers are good business for Service Providers and their end customers.

Whitepaper: Unified Communications

“Quality Management – Are you Listening to Your Customers?”

Learn the top tips of quality management solutions and how they can overcome the traditional quantitative customer contact metrics that most service-based businesses traditionally collect.

Whitepaper: Cloud Contact Center

CCaaS: The Smart Way to Solve Customer-Facing BPO Challenges

This white paper explores some key advantages to CCaaS within the BPO industry, specifically Cloud and Mulit-tenancy. Looking at this from the perspective of the BPO considering ways to solve customer- facing challenges, it’s clear that Cloud contact centers are good business for BPO’s and their end customers.

Whitepapers: Customer Experience

How to Sort Through the Sea of Options: Choosing the best solution for your contact center

Some reports state there are 100+ contact center-related companies offering hundreds of solutions. Since you don’t have time to evaluate every single vendor, how do you narrow down which one is right for you?

Whitepapers: Skype for Business in the Contact Center

What do people really think of Skype for Business in the Contact Center?

What does our Twitter community think about SfB for the COntact Center? Do enterprises really understand the benefits of Skype for Business?

Sponsored Report: Contact Center

Ventana Research: Improving Customer Service in Utilities Companies

Enghouse Interactive has partnered with Ventana Research to bring you this report keyed-in to the perspective of utilities professionals. Download the report to read more about effectively engaging with  customers in an omni-channel world.

Sponsored Report: Contact Center

DMG Consulting LLC 2016: Cloud-Based Infrastructure Market Report Reprint

The cloud-based infrastructure market continues to adapt to the needs of the omni-channel environment and Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Service Provider solution has risen to the top of the market. Find out more by taking a look at our report.

Sponsored Report: Contact Center

Contact Babel US Decision-Makers’ Guide 2015: Outbound & Call Blending 

Outbound calling is fundamentally different from inbound and requires careful management. This report highlights outbound contacting and call blending practices you should know.

Sponsored Report: Contact Center

DMG Consulting LLC 2015: Cloud-Based Infrastructure Market Report Reprint

The cloud-based infrastructure market continues to adapt to the needs of the omni-channel environment and Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Service Provider solution is at the forefront of this. Find out more by taking a look at our report.

Sponsored Webinar: Journey Management

Aberdeen Research: Journey Management

The customer lifecycle is made up of different journeys, each leading to different outcomes. Every journey is unique. Download the slides to discover how best-in-class contact centers use a structured approach to find the path to happy and loyal customers.

Sponsored Webinar: Proactive Outbound

Forrester: Deliver Proactive Customer Service

Proactive customer service brings valuable and timely account information to customers—anticipating their needs and providing a convenient channel to continue the conversation. Learn how to properly execute this contact center-initiated communication and improve customer satisfaction for your business.

Sponsored Report:  Contact Center

Contact Babel: Inner Circle to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions

Enghouse Interactive has partnered with ContactBabel to bring you the Inner Circle Guide to Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions. We hope this guide will answer any questions you may have about the major issues affecting the contact center industry and future cloud strategy.