2019 Contact Center Experts & Special Guest Speaker

Kevin is responsible for leading growth initiatives across Enghouse Systems, the parent company to Enghouse Interactive. His primary focus is the AI Insights initiative, with the objective of transforming the contact center into a Growth & Revenue Generator. Prior to joining Enghouse, Kevin received his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Toronto; founded AllergenFree, a consumer goods tech start-up; and was the Interim Executive Director of Haltech Regional Innovation Centre, one of 17 regional innovation centers in Ontario, Canada. To date he has mentored over 200 start-ups and continues to do so in his free time.  

Kevin Ming, Ph.D

Director of Growth & Artificial Intelligence, Enghouse Systems

Meet our communications experts who will be onsite at Forrester CX NYC 2019.  

Jacki Tessmer

VP, Product Marketing

Rudy Heezen

VP, Sales

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