Q1 2020

Introducing: CC v.11 with Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is collaborative technology and the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history. Increasingly customers are looking to Microsoft Teams for their unified communications solution.

The combination of Enghouse Communication Center and Microsoft Teams creates a collaborative contact center.

There are two key shifts within businesses today:

  1. They are realizing that everyone in the business is responsible for the customer, their experience with your business and ultimately with your brand
  2. There is a shift from traditional (and on premise) PBX for communications to a more collaborative approach to working

The contact center has long been a group where collaboration, among agents, supervisors and contact center managers is key and Communication Center is at the core of how they all work and collaborate together.

As MS Teams facilitates your business becoming more collaborative in how they work, Communication Center integrated with Teams means your agents can leverage others in the business who can help the customer. The customer is more likely to speak to the right person and resolve their query the first time.

Whether you currently use Skype for Business and are consider migrating your voice communications to Teams or are considering Teams as your unified communications platform, you need access to rich omni-channel contact center features. Communication Center offers a wide range of rich features including self-service and IVR, queuing, routing and delivery of calls to the Teams client on the agent desktop and a suite of management tools including call recording, quality management and comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Communications Center also leverages Teams Direct Routing which means you can choose your own telephony options for voice connectivity while leveraging the rich features of Communication Center for your contact center.

Enghouse also supports flexible deployment options including options for on-premises and private cloud. Our flexibility extends to how and when to migrate to Teams as we support multiple telephony options simultaneously which let you move your enterprise and the contact center to MS Teams at your pace and on your timeline.

Are you interested in migrating your contact center to a unified communication platform and are considering moving to MS Teams, please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Enghouse Interactive announces the
General Availability of CCE V 9.1.0 PRC 05 on March 2nd, 2020

Enghouse Interactive, is proud to announce the availability of its Partial Release Cycle (PRC) 05 for Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) version 9.1.0. CCE is an Omni-Channel enterprise grade contact center solution capable of scaling up to thousands of seats with embedded geo-redundancy and resilience. This release contains defect resolutions, updates to 3rd party support, and new features as outlined in this announcement.

This version delivers native support for Polycom VVX phones furthering a commitment to continually expand CCE’s ability to integrate with voice platforms. With the Polycom integration, CCE can be deployed into non-traditional PBX, Cloud PBX or UCaaS environments offering more flexibility for IT enterprise voice strategies. Call control and call routing features are supported on a variety of Polycom VVX phones including models 410, 500 and 501.

In order to simplify managing large sets of agents and queues, Resource Manager now includes the ability to filter agents by workgroups and queues by queue groups offering better usability of the tool.

Security is always our priority and we are committed to following OWASP as a standard to detect and resolve potential threats in out solution. In this version, user account security has been enhanced with an extended set of password policies and account lockout rules. Also, the “User Directory by Workgroup” report has been extended to include the last logged-in time into all CCE applications providing better visibility for accounts that should be deactivated in the system.

We are also constantly striving to improve the agent experience and optimize their workflow within TouchPoint. With this release managing the email channel has been improved with the following enhancements:

High important email flag is now displayed when receiving emails with this tag giving agents insights into urgent communications waiting in their queue. Email templates are now organized in a hierarchical structure to help agents find templates faster and improving overall resolution timeframes.

The Web Chat infrastructure has been improved to better align with modern day web development and design philosophies. The ChatCSS sample application has been enhanced to illustrate a web chat integration that uses an HTML IFRAME element to host the chat control rather than a popup window. The sample also includes the SurveyManager integration files by default.

We recommend all our clients update to the latest version of the product and benefit from the updates, features and security patches included in this version.

Microsoft Administrators who have contact center agents utilizing Skype for Business Online should proactively monitor Weekly Digest emails and Admin Alerts. If you receive a notification or would like to discuss your options further please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Proactive Microsoft Upgrades from Skype for Business Online
to MS Teams may affect your contact center.

As you may know, the sunset date for Skype for Business Online is officially scheduled for July 31, 2021. Microsoft has begun proactively moving some current Skype for Business Online users to MS teams. For contact centers that currently use Skype for Business Online, their integrations will stop working when they are moved to MS Teams.

Prior notification of the move is delivered by Microsoft via notices in Weekly Digests emails and Admin Alerts. It is important that administrators proactively look out for these notifications from Microsoft as movement to Teams will adversely affect contact center operations for these users.

This only applies to contact center agents that also utilize Skype for Business Online.

Contact center integration will quit working when agents are moved to Teams. As noted above, this only applies to contact center agents that also utilize Skype for Business Online. Commonly these are hybrid environments where Skype for Business Online users are federated to an onsite Skype for Business Server. It does not apply to contact center agents using Skype clients directly connected to a premises-based Skype for Business Server.

Microsoft Administrators who have contact center agents utilizing Skype for Business Online should proactively monitor Weekly Digest emails and Admin Alerts. If you receive a notification or would like to discuss your options further please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Seasonal Bursting Remedy

Many contact centers have fluctuating volume requirements that directly influence how many agents need to be staffed in order to achieve SLAs and maintain an optimal customer experience. Enghouse Interactive allows contact centers the flexibility to add temporary licenses in real-time and only pay for this added capacity when necessary, rendering their overall contact center expenses more predictable and in line with business demand.

To take advantage of this added capacity for peak periods, Enghouse Interactive’s customers can agree to purchase term licenses, over and above their perpetual licenses or current Saas/term consumption for a finite period, usually a month or two. Such agreements are typically managed as operational expenditures (OpEx) versus capital expenditures (CapEx), which are required to purchase perpetual licenses, effectively making it easier to plan for, and absorb, costs.

Seasonal Bursting is ideal for customers that…

  • …have seasonal requirements where agent utilization can fluctuate
  • …may be prone to unexpected increases in volume due to external drivers
  • …may not know how much volume peak periods will generate
  • …need the ability to react to volume increases quickly
  • …prefer to manage costs via OpEx instead of CapEx

An Example
A consumer retail businesses may require additional staff over the holiday season which requires more contact center agents to support their operations. With bursting capability, these retailers can bring staff onboard temporarily until volumes return to normal and only pay for the added license utilization while needed.

In other cases, peaks may not be seasonal in nature and are driven by unpredictable events such as abrupt changes in consumer behavior, political or international events, or even natural disasters. In all cases, the ability to burst to higher volumes within the contact center ensures that a business can deliver the best customer experience possible without being limited by capacity requirements or saddled with large financial expenditures up front.

If you have questions about how your contact center can take advantage of term licenses to accommodate seasonal bursting, please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Stay ahead of Microsoft Product Obsolescence

In January 2020, Microsoft moved a number of products out of “Extended Support” to a “Beyond End of Support” state. These include Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Internet Explorer 10. Back in July 2019, Microsoft moved the last service pack for SQL Server 2008 R2 (Service Pack 3) to a “Beyond End of Support” state as well.

Microsoft’s standard policy for products that have reached end of support is to cease all product updates and patches, including security-related updates. Thus, there may be some risk to performance or security for environments that operate these older platforms.

Since Enghouse products run on Microsoft operating systems and databases, we are bringing this to your attention so you can prepare accordingly. We are continually updating our products to optimize the use of Microsoft resources, and to run on the latest versions of Microsoft software.

Our goal is to help our customers stay current with our own technology, while leveraging the best-performing, most secure platforms on which we run. Upgrades to newer versions of MS products may require an upgrade be made to your Enghouse software or require the provisioning of new Virtual Messaging (VMs)/servers for a parallel buildout.

Rather than having to continuously manage MS product obsolescence, many customers have opted to shift to a cloud strategy since the time and cost of managing on-premises updates can be onerous.

If you want to determine if the version of the Enghouse products you currently have are compatible with the Microsoft upgrades you are planning, or are interested in exploring migrating your contact center to the Enghouse Cloud so that such upgrades are addressed automatically on your behalf, please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Exciting New Corporate Acquisitions

In the Spring and Fall of 2019, Enghouse Systems, parent company of Enghouse Interactive acquired two companies that promise to deliver significant value to Enghouse Interactive’s customers:

A leading interactive video collaboration provider, Vidyo enables millions of real-time visual daily connections around the world via its secure, scalable technology and cloud-based services.

Its patented platform integrates with virtually any application environment, network, and device to deliver the highest quality Customer Experiences that enhance customer relationships and build trust and loyalty.

Vidyo pioneered the video conferencing industry itself over a decade ago. Named a Leader and Visionary by Gartner, Vidyo has been awarded more than 170 video communications technology patents, exemplifying its innovation and thought leadership in this field.

More than 295 U.S healthcare systems use Vidyo for telemedicine that improves access to quality care for more people. More than 450 financial institutions use Vidyo to recreate the in-branch experience from anywhere. From healthcare and banking to education, government and more, Vidyo visually connects the world.

If you have questions related to video conferencing or interactive video collaboration, and want to learn more about how Vidyo can enhance your contact center’s customer experience, please contact your Sales Representative or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Through the customer insights Eptica gathers and develops, it enables companies to better understand their customers and personalize the way they deal with them, leading to a significantly enhanced CX (Customer Experience).

Based on AI technologies, Eptica solutions facilitate digital conversations with customers and analyze the Voice of the Customer that enables organizations to create unique and memorable customer experiences.

Eptica Enterprise Agent is a sophisticated email response system that ensures that the best people across your entire business can deliver a seamless, highly positive customer experience for customers seeking highly specialized assistance, originating over the email channel.

With intelligent routing and flexible workflow capabilities, Eptica Enterprise Agent allows organizations to deliver more effective service to customers by ensuring all enquiries are resolved satisfactorily through to completion. It enables organizations to identify and action potential sales and cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, based on each customers complete service history.

Best of all, Eptica Enterprise Agent is highly scalable (used by 33,000 agents at the French bank Crédit Agricole) and easy to deploy (no need for technical or customer service training).

Across every industry, brands know that understanding their customers, and acting on this insight, is at the heart of ongoing business success. The majority of Voice of the Customer solutions only provide a partial picture of what customers are saying – they don’t deliver actionable insights.

Eptica Veko is different. It uses AI to understand why customers feel a certain way.

By applying AI technologies which combine Machine Learning and Text Analytics, it interprets customer conversations across digital channels, such as email, chat and surveys, to better understand consumer motivation, expectations and sentiment.

Thanks to powerful data visualization capabilities, users can automatically display an overview of the key topics being raised by customers across their journey. Its built-in ability to analyze emotions makes it simple to see if sentiment around these topics is positive, negative or neutral, allowing brands to then drill-down and focus on key areas that will improve customer experience and metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

It then delivers these real-time, actionable insights across the business, through easy to understand reports that break down silos and enable ongoing CX improvements that transform the organization into becoming a customer-centric culture that translates into increased loyalty, revenues and ROI.

If your organization wants to ensure that CX is handled optimally via the email channel even when it extends beyond the contact center, or wants to learn how to gain more and better insight into its customers’ sentiments, motivations, and preferences, please contact your Enghouse Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager, or call or email us at 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Videos designed to enable Enghouse Contact Center Users to get the most out of their core Contact Center Solution

For Enghouse Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) Customers (CCSP)

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    For: CCSP Supervisors, Team Leads and AdministratorsReal Time Reports allow supervisors, team leads and administrators the ability to display customized real time metrics in a web browser or on a large screen wall board in the contact center. In this Tips ‘N Tricks we explore the basics of setting up a Real Time Report in CCSP and review some neat tricks that will get you on your way to better monitor your contact center.
  2. CCSP – Getting Started with TouchPoint
    For: CCSP IT and AdministratorsTouchPoint is a web based application that provides your agents and supervisors the ability to log into the contact center to take different queued interactions. This Tips ‘N Tricks walks is a step by step walk through for getting CCSP TouchPoint installed, setup and configured on a new device. Additionally, we walk you through and discuss the Internet Explorer settings required for logging into the Web Admin portal.

For Enghouse Contact Center for SMb Customers (CC)

  1. CC – Snapshot Server – What’s New?
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