Q2 2020

Communication Center 11.0 TouchPoint interface introduces
Executive Desktop and Presence pages features
in new Contacts Tab

With the introduction of TouchPoint’s Contacts tab users now get the same functionality they previously utilized in the Executive Desktop client application. The TouchPoint award-winning user interface can now be used by non-agents to provide presence and contact information.

Communications Center customers that have hesitated in upgrading Desktop to TouchPoint can now take advantage of the modern interface with a broader set of features. Conversion to TouchPoint maximizes the value to your business by opening the door to new features and enhancements not available in Desktop. TouchPoint also offers a lower total cost of ownership with features such as its self-updating capability requiring less IT management of the desktop.

For more information, please contact your account rep or Josh Zankowicz, Manager Customer Success at or 1.289.846.5461

Hardware Dongles are being phased out for
CP (Communications Portal) and CTI Connect.

Your existing dongle will continue to work with your existing software release, however, we will be removing support for hardware dongles as part of future product releases, including the following upcoming major releases:

  • Communications Portal release 11.0
  • CTI Connect release 9.0

To migrate from hardware dongles over to software based licensing, please contact your account rep or Josh Zankowicz, Manager Customer Success at or 1.289.846.5461

Contemplating a move to Cloud PBX,
Cloud UC or Cloud Contact Center?
Better re-configure your QMS system!

Retain recordings from your existing QMS system, by using QMSs’ configuration options to record from your new Cloud UC platform, to ensure continuity of service and a seamless data set for advanced functionality such as agent evaluation and quality management.

  • Continue to enjoy QMSs’ rich functionality with your new Cloud communications solution
  • Multi-channel recording for audio, screen, and text-based communications
  • Feature-rich agent evaluation and quality management solution
  • Full set of features for regulatory compliance including strong security, PCI DSS controls, strict access control and a full audit log of user activity
  • Speech-to-text transcription and full text search
  • Native contact center integrations that provides a rich set of metadata to aid search and data reporting

  • Your Delivery Options
  • Retain your system on-premises and re-configure the recording interface to record from your chosen Cloud solution
  • Migrate your QMS system to a private cloud solution, hosted by yourself in your provider of choice, or by Enghouse
  • Continuity of Data
  • Retain all historic recordings and add to them by re-configuring and recording from your new Cloud communications platform
  • Seamless transition with recordings continuing to be added to a single data store
  • Search, retrieval and playback continues across all recorded interactions
  • No break in data continuity – All agent evaluation data is retained
  • Your Recording Options
  • Support for Cloud systems using the SIPREC recording interface
  • Many session border controllers supported
  • API integration with selected platforms
  • Client-side solutions including data collection and forwarding from your PC or laptop that is running a softphone client
  • Security
  • Data security is of critical importance and many options continue to provide high levels of security and compliance
  • PCI DSS control include automatic and manual pause and resume controls, including API methods for integration with third party systems

The correct option for you will depend upon your own circumstances. Questions? For more information, please contact your account rep or Josh Zankowicz, Manager Customer Success at or 1.289.846.5461

Enghouse Interactive’s Audio Branding solution
provides professional-sounding support during the Pandemic

Our Audio Branding solution can assist your customers by crafting crucial closure and channel redirect messaging for your self-service/IVR/and web channels. All messaging can be translated and recorded in virtually any language or dialect and produced within days or hours in any audio format.

For more information, download our Audio Branding One Pager here.


Questions? Please contact us at: 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Enghouse Interactive now offers the Microsoft Teams-powered Collaborative Contact Center.

Leveraging its longstanding partnership with Microsoft spanning over a decade, Enghouse Interactive is pleased to offer companies the best of both worlds: Whether deployed on the cloud or on-premises, Enghouse Interactive’s CCaaS and SMB (Communications Center) Contact Center solutions offer robust omni-channel functionality combined with MS Teams-enabled resource sharing (people and information) to deliver a superior customer experience.

Questions? Please contact us at: 1.833.364.4688 (ENG.INTv) or

Enghouse Announces Acquisition of Dialogic in January 2020

As a leading cloud-optimized technology provider, Dialogic’s rich set of offerings allows service providers, enterprises, and developers to create real-time communications media, applications, and infrastructure solutions. Dialogic technology is deployed in innovative solutions offered by nearly 1,000 application developers and in 48 of the world’s top 50 mobile operator networks.

Dialogic enabling technologies that are now part of the Enghouse Interactive’s Solution Enablement offerings are the Brooktrout Fax products, PowerMedia HMP media processing software, and PowerMedia XMS media server software.

Brooktrout Fax boards and software deliver industry-leading fax technology and are used as the cornerstone in a wide range of enterprise solutions. For software-only host-based fax solutions, Brooktrout SR140 Fax over IP (FoIP) Software delivers high levels of performance reliability and scalability. For fax solutions requiring connectivity to PSTN networks, intelligent Brooktrout Fax Boards deliver unparalleled call completion at fast connection rates across analog, BRI, T1/PRI, and E1/PRI networks.

PowerMedia HMP is scalable, feature-rich media processing software for building innovative and cost-effective voice solutions. HMP enables functionality such as audio play/record, transcoding, and high-end live interactions. HMP runs on general-purpose servers without the need for specialized hardware and can support up to 2,000 concurrent voice user sessions per system.

PowerMedia XMS is scalable, feature-rich media processing software for building innovative and cost-effective voice solutions. HMP enables functionality such as audio play/record, transcodingand high-end live interactions, such as speech portals and voice conferencing. HMP runs on general-purpose servers without the need for specialized hardware and can support up to 2,000 concurrent voice sessions per system.

  • Please contact Jeremy Burton at if:
  • You would like to know more about adding any of these industry-leading enabling technologies to your Enghouse Interactive solution, or to be put in touch with a partner who can help you, and/or;
  • You are interested in the other Dialogic offerings, such as the SS7 and SIGTRAN products, BorderNet SBC, ControlSwitch System, and I-Gate 4000 Media Gateways.

You are cordially invited to join us
at the following upcoming events:

VidyoConnect Webinar
White-labeled, Private Channel Interactive Video Collaboration: The Next Step Up in Security

May 27, 2020 at 1-2pm EDT

The Virtual Agent: How the Pandemic has Helped Elevate Contact Centers to the Cloud.

Featuring Steve Morrell, Managing Director, Contact Babel

June 10, 2020 at 1-2pm EDT

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Our Customers Speak!

“To all of you,

As you all know, last week Fitness International (LA Fitness, City Sports, and Esporta Fitness Clubs) was overwhelmed with an unprecedented surge of email requests in our Member Service Queue (hosted by Enghouse software). We had to respond to these requests and properly take care of all of our members, but there was no way we could respond in a timely manner with the resources available to us. This was particularly stressful because of all that has been happening with Covid-19. So I found Dave Thomas on LinkedIn and asked for his help. I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me. The response was fantastic. You engaged rapidly with full commitment. You encountered obstacles and you overcame them. You stayed on it until you successfully delivered a solution that enabled us to properly take care of our members.

I was on active duty in the Marine Corps for 20 years. That was my good fortune. In that time, I saw many examples of Marines persevering under extreme circumstances. They always did what had to be done, no matter what. It is very inspiring to be around those kind of selfless people. I tell you this because your effort and commitment reminds of that. Unfortunately, most companies and people would not have been helpful and would have treated this as “not my problem”. But not you, and that is truly exceptional. You should be proud of what you have done, not only because you came up with a solution, but because you were willing to stop what you were doing and go all in to solve this problem. I know you didn’t have to do it. Thank you!”

George Bedar
Chief Information Officer
Fitness International, LLC
Irvine, CA

“You delivered a well-designed and perfectly functioning system to us in our time of need. You did so swiftly, professionally and we are incredibly thankful for the knowledge and expertise you brought to the table and applied to the challenges facing our company and our state.”

~ Utilities Company


A self-paced online certification course is being offered, designed to provide a thorough understanding of installation, configuration and troubleshooting for the entire Brooktrout Fax product line.


Dialogic Part# Product Name MSRP
EDU-FAX-1000 Online Brooktrout SR140 Certification (Install, configuration & troubleshooting) – per person $1,250
  • Topics
  • Brooktrout ISV Training Introduction
  • Brooktrout Product Introduction
  • Brooktrout SR140 Licensing
  • Brooktrout Introduction to SIP
  • Brooktrout Introduction to H.323
  • Brooktrout Introduction to ISDN
  • Brooktrout Introduction to the T.30 Fax Protocol
  • Brooktrout Configuration Tool (Configtool)
  • Brooktrout Introduction to Wireshark
  • Brooktrout Enabling Logging
  • Brooktrout Configuration Files
  • Brooktrout Issues and Considerations

Simply order the SKU above, go through the material at your own pace & pass the associated quizzes.

Two people per entity must go through the certification to gain the “Brooktrout Certified” classification. Once certified, we will provide the certification logo which you can use on your website and collateral and get free unlimited support for Evaluation license installations from Dialogic Support staff!

Please contact Jeremy Burton at with any questions or to register for this course.

Videos designed to enable Enghouse Contact Center Users
to get the most out of their core Contact Center Solution

3-10 minute video vignettes to help you get a little extra from your Enghouse Interactive Core Contact Center Solution:

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