Q2 2021

Enghouse News and Announcements

Enghouse Interactive Americas has obtained its ISO 27001 Certification for its Data Security Management Practices supporting its Hosted Contact Center for SMB Solutions.

All of EIA’s Cloud Contact Center products now meet stringent Security Management System audits and requirements designed to implement best practices for securing sensitive customer data housed in its public and private cloud Contact Center solutions.

This accreditation consolidates alignment with customer requirements, enhances management processes and aligns with Enghouse’s corporate risk strategies, resulting in fewer incidents and service disruptions.

IntelePeer and Enghouse Interactive Collaborate to Create Automated COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Solution for Rural Areas

This initiative involved the implementation of our Enghouse CCaaS and IntelePeer’s Atmosphere CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions to set up an outbound, automated COVID-19 vaccination scheduling solution for rural areas. The solution was adopted by a utility company that came to the aid of a US state government agency by providing remote agents and technology to participate in this effort.

This is a shining example of what can be accomplished from timely cooperation and close collaboration between our company, a trusted partner, a utility company and State Government, in order to provide much needed pandemic relief.

Read the Press Release to find out more.

Enghouse Contact Center for SMB (Communications Center) version 9.X is going on Extended Support this August.

Upgrade NOW & get NEW Features and FREE User Training.

Migrate to CC 11.1 NOW, or 12.0 this August, to access New Features & Functionality.

Come August, new hot fixes will no longer be available for CC 9.x users. Move NOW to upgrade to a newer version of CC (11.1 is now available) or wait for the upcoming release of 12.0 in August and receive FREE online user training, subject to registration availability (details to follow).

Previous Desktop users will notice a whole slew of improvements to TouchPoint’s UI by moving to a newer version of CC.

Enhancements include:

  • Presence page has been replaced with Contacts page
  • Voicemail Management – Agents can now play VM via phone, manage mailboxes and record calls to voicemail from TouchPoint
  • Call control – Agents can now do ‘Call Pickup’, ‘Park For’, and ‘Call From’ using sublines from TouchPoint
  • Agents can now do fax queueing in TouchPoint
  • Executive Insight/Executive Desktop now replaced with TouchPoint UC

For more information on selecting the right move for you, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

Calling all On-Premise Contact Center for SMB (Communications Center) Customers: Move Your Contact Center to the IBM Cloud and SAVE EVEN MORE!

If you’re an Enghouse Interactive Communication Center (CC/Touchpoint/UCB/ Zeacom) customer, there’s never been a better time to move your contact center to the cloud!

Migrate to our Enghouse CCaaS voice-only bundled solution*, deployed on the ever-reliable IBM Cloud, for just $69 per user, per month – a 40% savings!

With this great offer you ALSO get more than a voice-only solution. Add inbound SMS** to chat with your customers, with no additional monthly software cost.

PLUS you also get: 1,2 or 3 months free when you sign a contract for 12, 24 or 36 months, respectively

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE: Sign up BEFORE August 31, 2021 and you’ll get our ADVANCED FEATURE BUNDLE for the Price of our STANDARD bundle!

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

*One-time onboarding charge applies | **One-time configuration & monthly telco charges apply
Certain limitations, restrictions and exclusions apply. Offer ends August 31, 2021.

Enghouse Cloud Contact Centers are Integrated with Microsoft Teams – the market leader and fastest growing Unified Communications Provider!

Enghouse Interactive, a key member of Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program is proud to announce it has attained the coveted status of Teams Certified Contact Center Partner Solution.

Our suite of contact center solutions is fully integrated with Microsoft-sanctioned APIs, enabling Enghouse to deliver a superior customer experience, combining the strength of Team’s UC with our powerful omni-channel contact center solutions.

It also provides comprehensive analysis of call detail records (CDR) for over 100 other Unified Communications (UC), IP, TDM and cellular communications systems.

To view our status as a certified Microsoft partner see Certified Microsoft Teams solutions for Contact Centers.

For more information about our contact center solutions integrated to Teams visit The Collaborative Contact Center, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

Self-Service Chatbots Now Available for Enghouse Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE) version 10.0 (released last February).

Increasingly, customers are seeking out self-service channels that provide immediate 24/7 answers to straight forward inquiries and the ability to perform simple tasks – often preferring text-based transactions. Chatbots are an excellent self-service option that act as a virtual assistant for your customers.

Communications Portal Chatbot

Enghouse Interactive’s Self Service solution – Communications Portal (CP) provides task-based chatbots (“Taskbots”) that enable a multitude of use cases including appointment scheduling, providing delivery updates and service status/outage updates, that are further enhanced when combined with Outbound Notifications.

CCE version 10.0* now includes integration to CP chatbots, as well as APIs, sample scripts, documentation and professional services for partners, CCE treats the chatbot as a “virtual agent” providing reports on chat-bot interactions directly within CCE.

Chatbots can greatly improve overall customer service, reducing unexpected peak contact volumes by keeping customers informed and easily enabling self-serve on basic transactions. They can also lower the cost per contact while reducing the number of basic or repetitive tasks your contact center agents may currently have to handle.

**It is recommended that customers upgrade to CCE 10, however a full Installation is not necessary: An upgrade path through Support Center is now possible, making major release upgrades easier.

For more information on accessing CCE v10.0’s integration with self-service Chabot functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

How One Credit Union Unlocked Invaluable Voice-of-the-Customer (VoC) Insights by Leveraging Enghouse Survey Management and AI Insights Solutions

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are key to improving Customer Experience (CX). They often provide a lot of data but, it’s often challenging to distill what the customer really wants without subjective interpretation and human bias. By themselves, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) only tell part of the story.

Enghouse Survey Management and AI Insights solutions are powerful tandem offerings designed to collect customer data from all touchpoints and transform them into actionable insights. Enghouse AI Insights uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and text analytics to analyze your CSAT feedback and drive both semantic and emotional intelligence to uncover the “why” behind the scores, so you can take action.

AI InsightsEnghouse’s hosted AI Insights solution helped a Credit Union map their member journey across all member contacts, branches, digital channels, and assisted contact center service.

By analyzing member feedback across all touch points, the credit union can now extract specific scenarios from comments and uncover challenges related to digital banking. This will allow the digital banking team to take action to address member issues and perceptions and ultimately improve adoption of digital banking solutions. The deep insights gained allows Member Management to map strategic objectives to member feedback and better meet member expectations.

For more information on how to get the most out of your VoC initiatives, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

MediaVoice, Enghouse Interactive Audio Branding Solution, releases its 2nd episode, “Auditory Cues” on its exciting new Podcast, Soundscapes

Soundscapes, an entertaining podcast series from Enghouse Interactive’s MediaVoice, was developed to introduce and explore the key elements of audio branding such as prompt writing, atmosphere, cues, sound effects and other elements used to make IVR and phone switches more effective.

In this episode, find out how familiar sounds from everyday life invoke responses to cues.

Learn about the creative ways we can help your company engage its callers with automated interaction using techniques perfected from film, theater and video gaming.

Check out MediaVoice’s Soundscapes Podcast Series, and for more information, please contact Barbara Hawkins-Scott at

Enghouse Interactive is pleased to share some highly informative eBooks with you, designed to help you get the most out of your contact center:

  1. The View from the Clouds (blog) – Legacy technology and its applications are more flexible than you may think. You just need to evolve them the right way to add the digital channels your customers expect. The Cloud can help you integrate them faster and more seamlessly. Find out how…
  2. Looking Inwards from the Outside (blog) – Being customer-centric should not be confined to how customers interface with your organization through the contact center, it should also define how organizations simplify their business processes. Learn more…
  3. Remote Agents and Digital Transformation eBook – With change comes more change. Moving from being 100% office-based to enabling and managing remote agents, requires organizations to fundamentally change the way they operate. It’s very manageable if you know how…
  4. The Collaborative Contact Center Microsoft Teams Playbook – Enghouse Cloud Contact Centers are integrated with Microsoft Teams, providing a whole host of benefits designed to enhance Customer Experience (EX). Discover what they are…
  5. Enghouse AI Insights eBook – Listen. Understand. Act. AI is now the most powerful tool in helping organizations become more successful, ensuring they take the actions that their customers are expecting them to take. Every time. Find out what AI can do for your contact center…
  6. Enghouse Agent Empathy Playbook – Support your team so they can deliver the customer experience (CX) that your organization wants to deliver. Not only with the right technologies, but with the right mindset. Your agents will be healthier and happier… and everybody benefits. It’s may seem soft and squishy, but it works! Learn more…

Contact Center Inner Circle Guide to Artificial Intelligence (Contact Babel)

Successful organizations run their contact centers differently than the rest. They try different things using a “fast-fail” approach. This Inner Circle Guide provides insight into what works and how these technologies are used, and provides additional suggestions as to how these technologies – and others – will be used going forward. Learn from organizations that have hard-earned insights. Benefit from their key learnings and improve YOUR results.

Take Advantage of these FREE Upcoming Virtual Training Courses:

  1. Communications Center/QMS: Live Q&A Series – Contact Center for SMB (CC) and Call Recording & Quality Management (QMS)
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