Q3 2020

Just Released:
Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center
for SMB - Communications Center (CC) 11.1

Just released version CC v11.1, offers customers a host of exciting new features, including:

  • Integration to IP Office MTCTI, the new Avaya API, and access to the Avaya IX™ Workplace client which turns your PC into a powerful communications and collaboration system
  • The ability to queue and deliver Vidyo interactive video collaboration calls and other cross-channel interaction
  • Microsoft Teams UC collaboration

CC11.1’s PBX offering has been extended to include IP Office MTCTI – the new Avaya API. Customers will also have access to the Avaya IX™ Workplace client which turns your PC into a powerful communications and collaboration system that enables its users to work from anywhere.

CC11.1 also offers the ability to queue and deliver Vidyo interactive video collaboration calls. Every customer will receive the same level of service regardless of how they choose to interact with your contact center – phone, email, chat, social media, video, or text. CC 11.1’s omni-channel queuing lets you route, manage, and measure all types of interactions using our workflow engine.

Having successfully completed Microsoft Teams Certification testing, CC11.1 provides our customers with peace of mind that their UC is safeguarded by Microsoft and Enghouse’s partnership of software support and expertise.

For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

Introducing Intuition Advanced Console (IAC) 7.0
with Avaya Session Manager – Now Supports Avaya UC platforms

IAC 7.0 provides an all-software attendant console solution for Avaya Unified Communications platforms. Users migrating to the Avaya ACM platform from Avaya CS1000 or another platform can use Avaya Session Manager and its SIP telephony capabilities to eliminate previously required specialized hardware, reducing overall costs.

New capabilities in IAC 7.0 increase scalability to >30 operators per server, improve load balancing and redundancy through support for primary and secondary servers, allow identification and specialized treatment for high-priority calls, and help improve performance management using real-time monitoring and historical statistics.

For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

New Partial Release Cycle (PRC) 6
for Enghouse Interactive’s
Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE) v9.1

The latest release of CCE features a host of key enhancements, including:

  • Now supports Microsoft Teams with a fully-functional version anticipated as part of CCE release 10.0, scheduled for Q4 2020
  • Various security enhancements
  • Additional modifications to our Touchpoint user interface to further elevate agent productivity and user experience
  • Improvements to the web chat “public” interface to better enable personalization and integration on corporate websites

For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

Enghouse Interactive’s
Call Recording & Quality Management Solution,
QMS v8.0, Adds Multi-Channel Analytics to
Complement our Omni-Channel Contact Center Solutions

Today contact centers offer omni-channel contact to enable customers to interact with them any way they choose – phone, email, text, chat, video or social media. In addition to recording all cross-channel customer interactions, Enghouse Interactive’s QMS now offers conversation analytics that can be used to reveal valuable customer insights to assist your business.

Use audio transcriptions and text recordings, combined with text analytics, to get a real understanding of what your customers are saying and thinking about your business, helping you to identify trends, risks (e.g. churn), competitor feedback, or business opportunities.

Analytics Features Include:

  • Text Interaction Analytics – QMS analyzes text-based recordings, such as web chats, showing trending topics and the most prevalent words and phrases being used.
  • Voice Interaction Analytics – QMS transcribes the voice recording to text, so audio recordings can be searched for content and analysed alongside text interactions, providing consistency across all channels.
  • New heat map and keyword analysis tools – Provide clear visual data to managers and supervisors.

For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

Enghouse Interactive Proudly Announces a
Strategic Partnership with CommunityWFM
for Its Workforce Management Solution

Delivered using industry-leading CommunityWFM, Enghouse Workforce Management enables analysts, supervisors, and agents using Enghouse Interactive Contact Center to work collaboratively to deliver optimized forecasts and schedules while helping to control costs.

CommunityWFM is designed to quickly flex your staffing requirements and notify agents and supervisors using a fully integrated communication platform that includes email, text messaging, SMS, agent portal or the CommunityWFM Everywhere™ mobile app.

Benefits include:

  • Accurately forecast agent requirements based on contact center demand.
  • Generate precise forecasts using rich data collection and analysis.
  • Optimize operational flexibility with real-time analytics and reporting.
  • View data in visual dashboards and intuitively generate reports.
  • Enable agents to manage their own schedules, review ongoing adherence, and stay in touch whether on site, at home, or on the road.

Stay Tuned for more details to follow!

Enghouse Professional Services
Proudly Offers 3 New Value-Added (Fee-Based) Services

  1. Front-of-the-Line Project Expedition Service – Urgent or mission-critical initiatives can require priority implementation, necessitating overtime and weekend hours. Enghouse Interactive is pleased to offer white glove service designed to start your project sooner, leading to faster completion.
  2. Contact Center Advisory Service – Specialized discovery sessions, environmental reviews and documentation development will record and audit as built contact centers and provide actionable recommendations for improvement to Operations and CX, as well as mitigating risk for future projects and vendor proposals.
  3. Custom UAT Plan Service – User Acceptance Testing plans tailored to the customer environment and objectives, to ensure nothing is missed.

For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

Enghouse Interactive’s
Audio Branding Solution (MediaVoice)
Creates a Consistent, Professional Auditory Brand Experience

Employing many of the same skills used in film-making (writing, music, sound effects and voice actors) MediaVoice uses sound to cultivate a consistent, resonating connection with your organization as they navigate its audio channels.

Enghouse Interactive offers a complimentary view of your organization’s IVR, Auto-Attendant, phone switch prompts and recorded messages to ensure your organization’s image and reputation are optimized and in sync with your callers’ objectives and expectations.

For more information, contact Barbara Hawkins-Scott, Head of Audio Branding Practice at or 1.602.789.2815

Enghouse Interactive Soon to Include
Interactive Video Collaboration
as Part of Its Advanced Feature Bundle...

at no extra charge!

Enghouse Interactive is pleased to announce that it will soon be including a complimentary allotment of video session minutes for VidyoConnect, its state-of-the-art Interactive Video Collaboration solution as part of its NEW Premium Feature Bundle.

Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, Enghouse Interactive’s robust omni-channel contact center functionality, combined with integrated, video chat will enable you to deliver a superior customer experience.


For more information, contact Customer Success Manager Riley MacDonald at or 1.289.378.5476

A Deeper Dive Into Eptica: Enghouse’s Fall 2019 Acquisition

In Q1, we announced the acquisition of Eptica, a leading provider of customer engagement software, based in the Paris suburb of Boulogne, France. Now we’ll elaborate more on what Eptica has to offer:

Based in the Paris suburb of Boulogne, France, Eptica is a leading provider of customer engagement software. Eptica’s products include digital customer engagement platform, advanced knowledge base and customer insight solutions which are all powered by artificial intelligence (“AI”), enabling businesses to make customer experience a key link in their value chain and are an excellent addition to the Enghouse solution offering.

The multi-lingual digital customer engagement platform handles customer queries over email, web, social media and agent channels and utilizes AI to improve customer engagement by delivering fast and personalized responses to customer queries through their channel of choice, as well as increasing agent efficiency particularly in distributed organizations. The advanced knowledge base utilizes natural language processing to ensure meaningful conversations and multi-channel consistency.

Vecko, Eptica’s latest product, uses AI, automatic natural language processing, machine learning and text analytics to deliver enhanced analysis of customer feedback/surveys and VoC programs. Providing detailed reports and dashboards via an intuitive web-based interface, Vecko unearths the “why” behind NPS and CSAT, delivering actionable insights that significantly enhance the value of all VoC programs.

Eptica serves over 200 customers, including leading brands in sectors such as banking, insurance, retail, tourism and government.


For more information, contact Product Director, Steve Nattress at

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