Q3 2021

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Pre-Press Release Announcement!

RingCentral Call CenterEnghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Solutions are now integrated with RingCentral UCaaS!

Enghouse Unified CommunicationUnified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is fast becoming businesses’ most considered option for their communication infrastructure, offering enterprise telephony, multichannel collaboration and more.
According to Synergy Research Group the number of UCaaS subscribers jumped by 41% in 2020 alone with total worldwide subscriptions now topping 17 million subscribers and is expected to grow to a $210B market by 2028.

Integration of the contact center application with the UC solution is key for the best agent and customer experience. According to Metrigy Research (formerly Nemertes), over a one-year period, customer ratings (as measured by CSAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score, or a custom rating system) increase by 56.7% when the contact center and UC are integrated, versus only 38.3% when they are not. Operational costs decrease by 19.7% when integrated, versus only 14.5% when they are not.

EI Customers who have or are considering UC market leader and global provider RingCentral for their enterprise communication solution can now migrate from their legacy premise-based PBX solution to RingCentral UCaaS. Whether an Enghouse contact center is deployed on premise or migration to a cloud-based contact center is being contemplated, Enghouse Interactive’s integration to RingCentral affords customers flexible options and their existing Enghouse Contact Center Solution is fully supported. No need to re-train agents. No loss of historical data. Business operations and workflow remain as before.

Broadening our support for RingCentral, the latest release of Enghouse Interactive’s Call Recording and Quality Management solution, QMS v8.2, now enables existing customers migrating from their on-prem PBX to RingCentral to retain their call recordings without loss of data.

Enghouse believes in flexible and broad support for many communication providers. By Integrating with both market leaders in the UCaaS space – RingCentral and Microsoft Teams, Enghouse Interactive can better promote collaboration across all communication channels within the contact center.

NEW LAUNCH: Enghouse SmartQuality –
Revolutionary, AI-Enabled Agent Evaluation

Contact Center Supervisors typically listen to just 5% of recorded agent interactions with customers. How can agent evaluations be accurate and fair with 95% of agent interactions going unreviewed? SmartQuality to the rescue!

NEW LAUNCH: QMS for Cloud – Combines the Proven Call Recording Features of Enghouse Quality Management Suite with the Advantages of Enghouse Cloud

This product is the ideal solution for those looking either to move to a cloud-based call recording solution or for an easy way to add call recording to Microsoft Teams or other enterprise UC solutions.

NEW RELEASE: QMS v8.2 – Support for RingCentral Recordings and Other New Capabilities Now Available

In this latest release, QMS enables the secure storage of and access to recordings made by RingCentral, improves content analysis and enhances transcription accuracy.

Benefits include…

  • Importing RingCentral recordings – Existing customers migrating from their on-prem PBX to RingCentral can retain their call recordings without loss of data.
  • Content Analyzers – Support for search terms containing combinations of words and phrases to create alerts and flags based on recorded interactions. This can be useful for script adherence, campaign callouts, competitor flagging, identifying churn risk, call categorization, and more.
  • Transcription enhancement – Inclusion of the Add Words function that allows users to create customized dictionaries of words specific to their industry or organization – useful for domain language training and improving transcription accuracy.

NEW RELEASE: CCE v10.1 coming this September!
Our Customers Asked, We Listened!

Enghouse Contact Center for Enterprise just got better! Enhancements include Microsoft Teams Integration, support for security requirements of mainstream email and Touchpoint interface usability improvements.

Check My Support for CCE v10.1 Availability

NEW RELEASE: Proteus v8.2, Enghouse’s Analytics Solution
– Now with Comprehensive Reporting for Microsoft Teams

Proteus’ latest release delivers numerous reports and dashboards designed to provide more insight for businesses using Microsoft Teams.

  • Migration planning and tracking – Proteus can map usage and ownership of telecom resources prior to a migration to Teams so that impact assessment and service rationalization can be performed prior to migration, and then track migration progress and assess uptake of new services within Teams.
  • Complete call journey analysis – Businesses operating contact center solutions or attendant consoles with Microsoft Teams often do not have complete visibility of the customer’s complete call journey. Proteus helps to solve this by offering detailed call analysis for every leg of a call, allowing managers to assess issues in call distribution or policy violations and take corrective action.
  • Quality of service monitoring – Within Teams, Proteus collects and analyzes both call detail records and quality of service records in order to provide comprehensive management and oversight of complex Teams deployments.

To learn more…

COMING THIS SEPTEMBER: Enghouse UC – Our New UC Service!

Enghouse UC will help you leverage a full range of communication channels that can transform your entire company into a truly customer-facing organization! Soon you will have the freedom to chart your own path using an API-centric UC platform, elegant UX with a white-labeling option. Stay tuned…

Coming Soon: Enghouse CCaaS Launches New Vivid, Intuitive Dashboards After Labor Day!

Enghouse Interactive’s new dashboards render information more intuitive and appealing to contact center supervisors. Plus, these dashboards can be accessed (or are now supported) in your choice of browser, Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge!

For more information about our contact center solutions integrated to Teams visit The Collaborative Contact Center, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

Enghouse Interactive Professional Services Launches NEW Customer Experience (CX) Assessment Service

Enghouse Interactive’s CX Assessment is a deep dive into the policies and processes that underpin the customer experience your company delivers today and provides recommendations to improve them.

By identifying pain points and dissatisfaction within your current methodology, and recommending ways to address them, we enable you to raise your CX and transform your contact center from a cost center into a powerful growth engine!

Objective of our CX Assessment Include:

  • Assessing your end-to-end Customer Interactions
  • Providing a summary of our findings, and the brand your company is projecting
  • Identifying improvement opportunities and mapping these to tangible benefits
  • Defining and quantifying the right metrics to monitor
  • Delivering peace of mind, by helping your contact center optimize its resources and the CX they deliver

For more information on accessing CCE v10.0’s integration with self-service Chabot functionality, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

Enghouse Interactive is Now Listed and Rated on Capterra!

Does your company use our CCaaS, Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE) or Contact Center for SMB products? Would you be willing to take a few minutes to rate and endorse us on online? For your trouble, Capterra offers you the option of a gift card or a charitable donation on your behalf or no reward at all…whichever option you prefer. Just click the option you want below. And thanks!:

New Podcast Episodes 3 & 4 from Enghouse Interactive's MediaVoice, our Audio Branding Practice

Episode 3, Elements of Persona, examines the way age, geographical origin, gender, highest level of education, work history, even hobbies and interests make up your audio brand.

Episode 4, Persona Creation, deconstructs two well-known film personas to illustrate how personas move from paper to audio brand.

Check out MediaVoice’s Soundscapes Podcast Series, and for more information, please contact Barbara Hawkins-Scott at

Move Your Contact Center to the IBM Cloud and SAVE BIG!

Save 40% - Migrate to our Enghouse CCaaS voice-only bundled solution*, deployed on the ever-reliable IBM Cloud, for just $69 per user, per month!

Save 40% – Migrate to our Enghouse CCaaS voice-only bundled solution*, deployed on the ever-reliable IBM Cloud, for just $69 per user, per month!

Add inbound SMS** to chat with your customers, with no additional monthly software cost.

Get 1,2 or 3 months free when you sign a contract for 12, 24 or 36 months, respectively

Sign up BEFORE October 31, 2021 and you’ll get our ADVANCED FEATURE BUNDLE for the Price of our STANDARD bundle!

*One-time onboarding charge applies | **One-time configuration & monthly telco charges apply
Certain limitations, restrictions and exclusions apply. Offer ends October 31, 2021.

For more information, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at

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Enghouse Interactive Offers Customized Virtual Training on the
Products and Topics You Want to Cover!

Our skilled training and education staff are ready to work with you to create and deliver a training curriculum specially designed to help your agents, administrators and supervisors get the most out of our products and solutions.

Our skilled training and education staff are ready to work with you to create and deliver a training curriculum specially designed to help your agents, administrators and supervisors get the most out of our products and solutions.

For more information and pricing, Contact Dane Smith at


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