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Discover this Unparalleled Predictive Technology. 

As a Standard Technology Partner, the Enghouse Dialer integrates directly in to Amazon Connect. Through the use of algorithms and constant monitoring of dialing statistics, the dialer calculates the optimal dialing pace and generates a steady stream of live answers assuring each one is promptly connected with a live agent. This fine-tuned technology also features a pooled resource-sharing environment allocating phone lines in real-time to the task where they are needed most (e.g. agent-attended outbound IVR or inbound). Dialer pacing and resource allocation are dynamically adjusted throughout the day to keep your representatives talking, and assure no one, agent or contac, is left waiting. 

Why Enghouse Dialer for Amazon Connect? 

  • Increase Efficiency : No more wasted calls on busy signals, voicemails and out of service numbers as Enghouse Dialer will detect and only route connected calls to your agents.  
  • Maximize the agent’s time: By pooling both agent queues and phone lines, the dialer treats inbound calls as the top priority, promptly connecting them to the best-suited agent available, while generating outbound calls at just the right pace to fill in the gaps. Using IVR reach contacts by phone during the day, after hours, and on weekends with little to no agent involvement.  
  • Gain better insights: Get a real-time view of your call center operations and agent activities through customable reports and dashboards.  
  • Take a proactive approach: Managers have access to live agent calls with the ability to listen in, speak directly to the agent only, or join the conversation. 

How it Works

The Enghouse Outbound Dialer for Amazon Connect is a multi-tenanted solution designed to be used by customers with both single and multiple locations (of all sizes). The solution is designed to be used by every type of user including supervisors, agents, branch network employees, quality and compliance auditors, trainers and managers/senior executives.

This is a globally available solution.

Enghouse Dialer for Amazon Connect for Collections 

Enghouse Dialer for Amazon Connect can streamline operations in debt collection agencies allowing agents to collect more debt in less time. Because Dialer technology only connects agents with live calls, it saves time and resources spent on bad numbers, busy signals and voicemails. 

Your collection agency can also leverage the ability to leave automated voicemails Dialer can deliver voicemails to notify debtors about past due payments, balances and other helpful information.  

Using Dialer in your collections agency can help your business stay compliant for Fair Debt Collection Practices. It helps by limiting the frequency of redial attempts and makes sure that calls are made during appropriate hours. It also maintains records of calls and interactions, which can help with do no call lists.  

With an Enghouse Dialer in place, debt collection agencies can definitely maximize their connection rates, so the agents contact more debtors each day. 

Case Study: See how Debt Masters Direct is using the Enghouse Outbound Dialer to increase productivity by 200%.

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