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Enghouse SmartDial + Amazon Connect = Optimal Outbound & Blended Call Flow Management 

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What is SmartDial for Amazon Connect?

SmartDial for Amazon Connect is an outbound dialer solution specifically designed to:

- work natively within Amazon Connect - provide seamless integration to Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel 

SmartDial for Amazon Connect delivers a high-performance, high-reliability experience when compared to other outbound dialer solutions, with: 

Simplified regulatory compliance using preprogrammed business rules - supporting multiple dialing algorithms - scrubbing of Cell Phone and Do-No-Call Lists - ensures accurate Abandon Rate control  

And the ability to process multiple call flows - outbound only or - optimized blended outbound/inbound 

Why SmartDial for Amazon Connect? 

Contact Center teams have realized greater returns when using SmartDial. Enghouse customers have reported:

Agent Productivity

Downtime Reduction

Agent Resource Pool Cost Savings

Contact Conversion

What are the Benefits of using SmartDial for Amazon Connect?

  • Ensures adherence to all regulatory requirements (local, state and federal), across multiple deployment points, time zones and campaigns
  • Optimally Blends both Amazon Connect Outbound and Inbound Call Flows
  • Minimizes Human Error and Customer Complaints
  • Increases productivity for all agents and groups 
  • Easy to Manage and to Use  

SmartDial for Amazon Connect Key Differentiators

  • SmartDial origins: - developed to serve the debt collection industry - whereas competitors focused on the Telemarketing industry
  • Debt collection requires much more operational granularity & controls, including: - contact to call - contact assignment - adherence to local, state and federal regulations as defined by TCPA and FDCPA
  • Fully integrated and comprehensive cell phone management features: - number scrub - manual dial - “Smart Cell” verification - click to queue
  • Leverages rules-based capabilities to process telemarketing outbound campaigns more efficiently: - through more narrowly focused segmentation capabilities
  • Easily optimized programming customization - lowers contact burn-out rates - delivers higher contact engagements - esures better conversion rates 

Simplified Architecture

Natively integrated with Amzon Connect for simplified and intuitive operational control through the Amazon Connect Control Panel.

SmartDial for Amazon Connect

A Snapshot of the Agent Interface 

A Snapshot of the Supervisor/Administrator Interface

SmartDial for Amazon Connect - Google Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension, available at the Chrome store, embeds SmartDial capabilities into the Amazon Connect web based management interface. 

Additional Requirements

Amazon Connect

For All Agents Assigned to Outbound Services

Amazon EC2

Windows EC2 Instance t3.micro Region: US (East or West)

Amazon SQS

Required 10 Messages Per Call

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