Create Auditory Experiences that Resonate with Your Customers

Audio Branding

Create Auditory Experiences that Resonate with Your Customers

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Ensure Your Organization Sounds Like It Should
Today, organizations strive to establish their own distinct identity through branding where considerations such as logos, fonts and colors typically predominate as visual representations of brand. What is often overlooked is that the sense of sound plays a key contributing role in helping organizations create a persona that is memorable and consistently conjures up positive emotions.

It has often been said that there is no second chance to make a positive first impression. Often that impression is made by a customer’s first interaction with a company, via the pre-programmed voice menu that greets them when calling in. By 2022, 85% of customer service interactions will begin with a self-service touchpoint such as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system which enables callers to select menu options that will take them to the information they seek.

Making this a positive experience is not easy but the stakes are high. Today, 61% of customers say that a poor IVR system can have a detrimental impact on customer experience (CX). Ensuring a positive, consistent CX across all channels, however, is one of the biggest challenges companies face, said 50% of companies surveyed. Enghouse Interactive’s Audio Branding practice can help.

What is Audio Branding?
Audio Branding is a service that combines vocal talent in a host of languages, and audio clips (personas) with various information sources and audio touchpoints that organizations and their contact centers use every day, to interact with their customers.

How is Audio Branding Used?
Script-writing, recording and implementation across all customer audio touch-points: IVR, Messages on-hold, seasonal messaging, and audio tracks for eLearning and corporate videos

Translation Services: Language and culture translations in more than 30 languages

Audio Brand Enhancements: Persona design for audio brand, “earcons” (like icons, sounds that become synonymous with a concept or identity), licensed music, soundscapes and sound immersion

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Where is Audio Branding Typically Used?

Where is Audio Branding Typically Used?
Man on laptop
IVR, Phone Switch, Web Applications
Woman learning online
eLearning, Training Materials
Corporate presentation
Corporate Presentations, Broadcast Media

Features and Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Audio Branding

Help Marketing

Reinforce and extend your brand identity via audio channels

Transform CX

Transform your CX from transaction to interaction and make those interactions more successful

Build Customer Loyalty

Voice recordings and personas are proven ways to create “stickiness” with customers

Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience

Ensure your company delivers a consistent experience, tone and manner, across multiple channels – 24/7

Speak Your Customer’s Language

Give access to information in your customers’ native tongue

Free-up Your Agents

Pre-recorded messages and prompts removes agents from repetitive tasks and focuses then on resolving issues on the first call (FCR)

Expedited Delivery

We offer the fastest turnaround in the industry

Wide Range of Offerings

Our services span the spectrum of audio channels

Broad Lingual Coverage

Certified translation specialists and native speakers in >30 languages and regional dialects

Excellent Value

Low-cost, delivers an immediate impact

Complementary Enghouse Solutions

Contact Center as a Service

Provides the benefit of a comprehensive, operationally-flexible contact center solution without the headaches of owning it.

Outbound Communications

Proactively engage with customers, partners, suppliers, via agents or using agentless outbound notifications, while ensuring all regulatory obligations are respected.

Contact Center for Enterprise

Delivers high-reliability contact center capabilities, deployed at a single site, or globally for multinationals.

Knowledge Management

Ensure that you get the right information to an agent or customer as quickly as possible. Improves customer self-service capabilities while ensuring information is provided in the format the customer prefers.

Contact Center for SMB

Ensures that Small and Medium Businesses can deliver the same leading-edge customer experiences (CX) as organizations many times their size.

Omni-Channel Self-Service

Help customers help themselves and easily enable them to zero out to an agent for more complex needs. Includes IVR, speech recognition, and voice biometrics.

Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options.

Enghouse private cloud
Enghouse multi-tenant cloud
Enghouse Hybrid Logo
Enghouse on-prem deployments

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