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USA Sep 21, 2023 | By Pauline Ashenden
Understanding the keys to proactive customer service success

In a fast-moving world, companies need to embrace proactive customer service to effectively address consumer needs. They must value customer time, minimize effort and deliver service seamlessly.

USA Sep 15, 2023 | By Helen Billingham
The Rise of Omnichannel CCaaS: Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

Customers, more than ever, expect an omnichannel experience. They want the convenience of being able to move seamlessly between different digital and human channels.

USA Sep 7, 2023 | By Annette Franz
On the Path to Customer Journey Management

Understanding their journeys and keeping up with those expectations across every stage of the relationship are both critical to ensuring that customers have a great experience.

USA Sep 1, 2023 | By Helen Billingham
How to speed up customer service success with CCaaS

Customer service success requires constant innovation and a commitment to continuous improvement. To deliver this you need to be able to deploy new technology quickly to meet the changing needs of customers, employees, and the business.

USA Aug 24, 2023 | By Pauline Ashenden
Meeting changing expectations around email customer service

Email customer service may not be new, but it remains popular. In fact, it is the most used digital channel and accounts for 13.7% of all interactions - second only to the telephone.

USA Aug 17, 2023 | By Helen Billingham
Why empathy in customer service is not enough

As consumer expectations rise, businesses are increasingly focusing on building empathy in customer service interactions. With agents handling more complex queries, building a rapport with customers is vital to reassure them, improve the experience, and better meet their needs.

USA Aug 4, 2023 | By Helen Billingham
How real-time chat translation delivers better multilanguage customer service

Providing service in a customer’s preferred language is key to a great experience, that’s why embracing real-time chat translation makes this easier to achieve.

USA Jul 31, 2023 | By Helen Billingham
Tracking the right customer service metrics for contact center success

Contact centers have always measured key customer service metrics. However, given the rising importance of customer experience, the metrics used must evolve and change.

USA Jun 28, 2023 | By Darren Bugg
The importance of post-purchase customer service in online shopping

Good customer service is vital for business success. This is especially important in the post-purchase stage of the customer journey. But it’s even more important with online retailing, where the customer is more unforgiving.

USA Jun 20, 2023 | By Katherine Dominguez
The art of choosing the on-hold music in your Contact Center: which one and when

Be creative! Choose on-hold music that will set the rhythm of your customers' experience! These examples are just ideas to inspire you...

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