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Easily Resolve Issues Created by Using Disparate UC and CC Applications

Here’s a recap of our recent webinar ‘UCaaS and CCaaS: How Convergence Drives and Disrupts  Communications‘.

Single-Sourced. Always Accessible. Ubiquitous Unified Communications.

Unified Communications. Contact Center Solutions. Delivered from the cloud “as a Service”… enables you to use these capabilities together across your organization as required, with the maximum amount of operational flexibility and security possible.

A recent Metrigy* Research study found that 62.8% of the organizations it deemed to be more successful than their industry peers (which are 27% more successful than typical organizations), had integrated their UC and CC platforms to optimize and increase their operational flexibility across their organizations and were found to have delivered better customer experiences (CX) as a result.

Here’s Why

Agents and Supervisors: increase their real-time communications, more quickly engaging with supervisors when situations require it, while also enabling instantaneous agent feedback and coaching to accelerate the development of agent skills.

Agents and Other Employees: using presence indicators and persistent/threaded chat, agents can instantaneously connect with available resources across the organization (accounts receivable, decision-makers) to quickly resolve customer issues the first time, without unnecessary back and forth.

Customers: using webchat, voice, document sharing, and even video chat, on an interchangeable basis, ensures customers and agents can communication efficiently and effectively, minimizing wasted time and eliminating confusion.

Non-Agent Resources: extend the full conversation with non-agent resources across the organization (support staff, SME’s) to quickly resolve customer issues the first time, without unnecessary back and forth.

Enghouse Simplifies The Integration of UCaaS with CCaaS

Now it’s Easy and Elegant, with a converged desktop.

EnghouseUC will make it possible to achieve what Metrigy** found at 61.9% of successful organizations that have deployed a single-source solution for both Unified Communications and their Contact Center.

You’ll be better able to achieve similar revenue increases [Metrigy study: 52.8%] and improve overall Customer Experience (CX) ratings [20%], while also improving agent efficiency [31.3%].

Mobile App and Desktop – GUI’s Interfaces are Optimized for Intuitive and Quick Access

The Upside of Enghouse Single-Source UCaaS/CCaaS Solutions

Enhances Customer Responsiveness

EnghouseUC has an elegant, intuitive GUI [see above] that simplifies and accelerates interactions and will help reduce wait times by handling multiple queries simultaneously. It will also ensure that you can communicate with your customers using the communication channels they prefer.  Its presence indicators enable agents to find available experts to quickly help them while threaded, persistent chat eliminates the need for repetitive customer data inputs.

EnghouseUC Increases Operational Agility

Easily engage with appropriately skilled resources wherever they may be. EnghouseUC Increases overall organizational productivity by improving call flows both within the Call Center and across the rest of the organization, so customer issues can be dealt with as they arise, without delay.  It accelerates the deployment of hybrid (office, remote) work environments and centralizes system administration and ongoing management.

Benefit Now from the Seamless integration of Telephony and Collaboration

EnghouseUC provides PBX Functionality Unifying Real-time Voice Communications

Find Me / Follow Me          SimRing             Extension Dialing   

Hunt/Ring Groups        Voicemail

EnghouseUC includes PSTN termination across all regions. Existing local service providers can be substituted if required.

10 Digit Local Number       Long Distance Telephony Rate Plans

E911                                   CNAM and Listing

Reliability and Security You Can Count On – Because it’s Hosted and Serviced by Enghouse

Enghouse’s commitment to UC is the same across all the products and services it has successfully offered, evolved, supported, and provided to Organizations, Telco’s, and our Partners for over 35 years.

EnghouseUC is cloud-agnostic, with global accessibility via Google Cloud, but other cloud providers can be substituted to meet customer requirements. By deploying in the cloud, EnghouseUC provides unmatched resiliency, is always accessible, from any device. Its built-in business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities ensure you’re always available to support your customers.

Benefit from the best security, all communications channels are secured and encrypted, while also benefiting from EnghouseUC being centrally managed and continuously optimized. ISO27001 Certification guarantees that our cloud-based customer data privacy is assured.

Choice – EnghouseUC Delivers

No matter your need, there’s a version that fits:

  • Elegantly integrated with your Enghouse Interactive Contact Center solution of choice:

                                    Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

                                    Contact Center for Enterprise (CCE)

                                  Contact Center for SMB (CC)

  • Highly adaptable standalone unified communications solution, which can be integrated with a wide range of Call Center and other applications using its open-source API’s
  • Dedicated, white-label solution, for service providers, system integrators, or value-added resellers looking to enhance their current communications offerings.

In addition, numerous recently launched (or enhanced) Enghouse applications can be combined to create a comprehensive, high-performance, single-source solution including AI Insights, SmartQuality, Call Recording and Quality Management Suite (QMS), Analytics. Find out more.

See for yourself how EnghouseUC can be quickly and easily integrated with your contact center to deliver the communications and collaboration capabilities you need to enhance your Customer Experience (CX).

Access the On-Demand Playback of our launch webinar which provides a detailed overview and demo of the Enghouse UC solution.

  *Metrigy Research, Q1, 2021: How Companies are using AI, Teams UC, and Video to Improve Customer Interactions
**Metrigy Research: Q3, 2021: UC, Contact Center Integration Drives Business Value
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