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Quality Management Suite (QMS) For Cloud


Solution Overview

The Enghouse Quality Management Suite (QMS) for Cloud combines the proven call recording features of QMS with the reliability, scalability, and security of Enghouse Cloud. QMS for Cloud is ideally suited for any size enterprise looking for cost-effective call recording, companies looking to add call recording to Microsoft Teams and other enterprise voice systems, and businesses wanting to move from an on-prem solution to the cloud.

Why QMS for Cloud?

QMS for Cloud leverages over 20 years of Enghouse Interactive experience providing compliant call recording to businesses. Our experience with a vast number of PBX integrations, including Microsoft Teams, makes deployment quick and easy. And with a regulatory-compliant architecture, QMS for Cloud allows companies to secure call recording files and meet key regulations governing the use of call recording systems, such as PCI DSS.

As an added advantage, existing on-prem QMS customers migrating to QMS for Cloud will benefit from continuity in record keeping and consistency in compliance functionality.

8 Key Benefits Of QMS For Cloud


Provides secure architecture, as well as secure system access and storage


Easily grows as your business grows

Cost Certainty

No infrastructure investment, no surprise third-party costs.


Leverages the reliability of the Enghouse Cloud


Meets key regulations governing the use of call recording systems

Improved Quality Management

Agent evaluation capabilities help identifying agent training needs, resulting in improved customer experience

Rapid Deployment

Easily integrates into Microsoft Teams and other environments


Easy to use feature set

Why Choose Enghouse Interactive?

We Believe in Strong Partnerships that Enable Amazing Customer Experiences 


We deliver on what we commit to, on time, on budget. Our focus on long term financial viability ensures that we’ll be around to support customers in the long term.


Customer needs are never static, we ensure we offer them solutions that meet their needs, with deployment modalities they want: cloud, on premises or hybrid

Ease of Doing Business

We resolve customer issues instead of creating them. We’re committed to unmatched responsiveness, with operational flexibility, agility and timeliness as a starting point.


We have over 35 years of Contact Center Experience. Longevity is Credibility. Member of elite Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAD) for 13+ years. Highly certified developers, engineering and support teams with adherence to rigorous processes and industry-leading standards

Value For Money

We focus on delivering unsurpassed value at competitive prices, ensuring that we always “Do-the-Right-Thing” to maximize value for our customers

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About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive (EI), a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ENGH), is a leading global provider of contact center software, services and video solutions, serving thousands of customers for over 35 years. EI solutions enable customers to deliver winning customer experiences by transforming the contact center from a cost center into a powerful growth engine.

Enghouse Interactive’s core values – Reliability and Choice – are key differentiators in the global marketplace. Reliability speaks to EI’s reputation for consistently honoring its commitments to its customers, staff, partners and investors. Choice is reflected in the unparalleled breadth of its CX portfolio, which enables customers to choose from a wide array of solutions, whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud or on a hybrid platform. By leveraging a broad range of technologies and capabilities based on open standards, Enghouse Interactive simplifies the advanced integrations customers require.

Respecting local regulatory requirements, and supporting any telephony technology, Enghouse Interactive ensures that its customers can be reached by their customers – anytime, anywhere, and via any channel.

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