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1&1 Has Proven Results With CCSP and Shifting To A Cloud Model For Customer Service

1&1 is a German-based internet services provider, with a global customer base supported by over 7,000 employees located across 10 countries. Aside from their home base, other office locations include Spain, France, England and the United States. Founded in 1988, the company has expanded to provide a wide range of offerings, including mobile services, DSL, Web hosting and e-commerce solutions.

The Challenge

To cover all these geographies, 1&1 had taken a decentralized approach with customer care by having standalone, on-premise contact center operations in each market. While this approach provided localized customer service, the costs were high, and contact center resource utilization was not optimal. This model was also limited in its ability to enable responsive and effective service, as calls (and other contacts) could not be routed intelligently to wherever the best-qualified agent was located.

With such a broad range of offerings to support, 1&1’s legacy solution lacked the requisite flexibility and scalability needed to support their pool of over 3,000 agents distributed over multiple contact centers in multiple geographies or to provide them with updated capabilities or new features to serve an evolving customer population.

With the company being in a high-growth mode, it became clear that a model with distributed and regional based premise contact center equipment was neither sustainable nor practical. This legacy-based approach may work well in a stable, mature market, but 1&1 continues to introduce new services for a global customer universe that demands the latest in online services. Most of 1&1’s customers are entrepreneurs and independents, who by nature rely on technology for their success. They are valuable customers because they need — and are willing to pay for — high-end services that are reliable, cutting-edge and enhance productivity.

The Results

With CCSP, 1&1’s shift to a cloud-based model has quickly yielded impressive results. In November 2015, research findings were published in the trade journal Chip about the performance of customer service hotlines among Germany’s major service providers. Overall, 1&1 was rated #1 in two separate categories: Mobile Operator, and Fixed Network and Internet. In terms of more granular contact center performance, 1&1 rated very highly in several areas, most notably “accessibility” (98 out of 100 points), “waiting time” (94), and “service” (93).

While these metrics are based on industry-level performance relative to other service providers, they certainly reflect levels to which all contact centers would aspire. Not enough time has yet passed for 1&1 to report comparable metrics for internal performance, but even at this early stage, it’s clear they are on the right path for aligning their contact center operations with the needs of today’s customers.

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