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Commercial Property Giants Install New Central Switchboard

When DTZ consolidated its Central London Estate and acquired Donaldsons, it provided the perfect opportunity to combine existing systems into one unified communications network.


The acquisition of Donaldsons created new business opportunities for DTZ, but it also compounded an existing IT issue: system incompatibilities and a lack of unification across the many locations. To complicate issues further, DTZ now also had three different groups of operators for answering and transferring calls, each using different systems.


To achieve its objective, DTZ partnered with Logicalis, a leading provider of integrated ICT solutions. DTZ’s disparate multi-vendor telecoms infrastructure needed to be brought together to centralize and standardize internal and external communications, while also allowing straightforward future modifications, expansions and maintenance. The project would also take into account the changeability of economic and market conditions, and be designed to accommodate changing business strategies.

DTZ’s Cisco telephony system had previously used Arc attendant console software, and such was its appreciation of Arc’s benefit to its daily operations, DTZ stipulated that the chosen solution would be Cisco Unified Communications Manager with Arc providing operator functionality across the business.

Ed Mitchell, Technical Architect at DTZ, says: “Our Warwick Street office, in the West End, acts as the main switchboard for DTZ’s London offices and also acts as an out-of-hours switchboard for all other mainland UK offices. It’s obviously important that we choose a product that is both reliable and popular with the switchboard operators themselves.”

Kelly Mole is the London switchboard supervisor, overseeing a team of 10 at DTZ’s main switchboard: “Arc displays all the relevant information we need on screen, and combines this clear presentation with a simple and intuitive user interface. We have a number of employees here who have extensive experience on a range of similar operator consoles, but the clear winner for them is Arc.”


Arc console also has a reputation for being very user friendly, a fact reflected by the single training session required for its new users at DTZ. Kelly Mole explains: “We found Arc intuitive and simple to use, which is excellent when considering some of the advanced functions that are included with this software. It makes our job far easier and quicker – the last thing anyone wants is to keep a caller waiting due to technical issues.”

According to Kevin Stanzl, of Logicalis: “The true measure of any telecoms system is the customer’s awareness of the technology. We all rightfully expect telecommunications systems to simply work and take them for granted, so any problem – however innocuous – will be taken as a sign of an overall fault and perhaps the general unsuitability of the whole solution. With our system, and with the Arc component, we have a system that provides the functionality, power and high level of service that leading organizations demand.”

Alex Black, CTO of Enghouse Interactive, explains: “Customers, employees and managers within an organization all have specific business requirements. Arc provides a complete solution to meet and exceed these needs in order to capitalize efficiency and yield an overall return on investment. It provides the powerful features operators need to quickly and easily navigate vital business information to ensure customers receive the best service available.”

Kelly Mole agrees with Alex’s remarks: “Arc allows us to do everything we need to do on a daily basis. It has all the features we need, and gives us full confidence that it will take us through into the future.”

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