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Evolve IP Continues Double-digit Growth with Enghouse


Evolve IP is a cloud-based service provider (CCSP) based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Last year, Evolve IP evaluated and selected CCSP version 7.2 from Enghouse Interactive, a cloud-based contact center offering, which includes the TouchPoint agent and administration web user interface. As a result, Evolve IP is able to expand its business into new international markets and to continue its trend of year-over-year double-digit revenue growth.


Leon Schuurmans is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Evolve IP, the first ASP (application service provider) for contact center solutions in the Netherlands. Active in the customer experience market for 25 years, Evolve IP provides online routing management services (interactive voice response), contact center solutions and business telephony as a service. Part of Evolve IP’s evolution entailed partnering in 2007 with CosmoCom (acquired in 2011 by Enghouse Interactive) and adopting the cloud-based contact center provider’s multichannel contact center product as part of its Online Contact Centre (OCC) software platform solution. “For the first few years reselling CosmoCom, we were the only provider offering a multichannel cloud-based solution in the Dutch market, says Schuurmans. Eventually, competitive laggards started catching up and in early 2015 Evolve IP had to create a new differentiator by offering Contact Center Service Provider version 7.2, thereby making easy integrations with other platforms possible for their customers.


One of the traits Evolve IP prides itself in is being vendor agnostic and placing its clients’ needs ahead of any one particular hardware or software vendor. It was with this mindset that Evolve IP evaluated the latest cloud-based contact center offerings on the market last year.

“There were a couple of key differentiators that tipped the decision in Enghouse Interactive’s favor,” Schuurmans says. “First was the release of CCSP [Contact Center: Service Provider] version 7.2, which included the addition of the TouchPoint web agent interface and admin module.”

TouchPoint Admin allows service providers and tenant administrators to customize their clients per tenant or within the tenant per group. New application widgets and specific integrations can be established, enabling service providers to deliver specific offerings for each customer while still maintaining the low total cost of ownership of running a multitenant platform.

“The CCSP TouchPoint Web agent interface in version 7.2 uses a toolbar that takes up only a half-inch of real estate on the desktop,” says Schuurmans. “The toolbar can be expanded as needed, but it doesn’t take over the screen like some other contact center solutions do.”

TouchPoint also gives Evolve IP the opportunity to develop gadgets (i.e. mini applications) that can be activated when needed, allowing the ability to provide integrations as needed for a specific end-customer need; a key differentiator. One example of a simple but key gadget is a dashboard widget that allows call center agents to see how they are performing compared with their peers. Evolve IP found this something that is compelling to demonstrate to prospects, positioning widgets not only as agent productivity enhancing but also allowing for contests and other gamification initiatives.

With the increasing adoption of Skype for Business as the unified communication platform for some of their contact center prospects, Evolve IP knew they needed to offer integration to Skype. CCSP 7.2 adds a Skype for Business connector, which enables the agent to see all Skype for Business contacts with their presence information directly in TouchPoint dialing lists. This functionality empowers agents to call or transfer calls to Skype for Business contacts, facilitating greater collaboration between front and back office. Having the flexibility to offer multiple options, whether via an all IP softphone, an IP handset or via a connection to Skype for Business, offers the flexibility Evolve IP requires for connecting their customers.

Another compelling business benefit for Evolve IP is the Enghouse CCSP 7.2 license model for ASP’s. “Everyone offers a concurrent model, which Enghouse does as well. But, Enghouse also offers a Flex 100 model that allows service providers to assign workers who only use a license for a small percentage of the time to pay only for the hours that the license is being used,” says Schuurmans.

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