Solution used

  • Cloud Contact Center for SMB – Hosted Communications Center (HCC)
  • Recording and Quality Management -Hosted Quality Management Suite (HQMS).

The Customer: FedEx Employees Credit Association

Founded in 1974 in Memphis Tennessee, the FedEx Employees Credit Association (FECA) exclusively serves the FedEx corporation, its companies, their employees and families. As a full-service federal credit union FECA provides a comprehensive suite of banking products and services, including checking and savings accounts, auto, mortgage and home equity loans, personal and small business loans as well as investment services.

Now operating in all 50 US states, FECA serves over 80,000 members through a shared network of over 5,000 Credit Unions and has more than $500 million in Assets Under Management (AUM).

FECA has its own branches in Memphis, TN; Los Angeles, CA; Indianapolis; IN; Pittsburgh, PA; Harrison, AR; and Fort Worth, TX.

FECA is dedicated to ensuring that FedEx families achieve their “Best Financial Life Possible”.

Outcomes & Benefits of Contact Center, and Recording and QMS

Case Study - FECA for Enghouse Cloud

The Problem

FECA’s contact center platform was significantly out of date and did not have many features available in a newer platform, such as callback, improved call recording/screen recording, on demand agent statistics, snapshot, and the ability to easily transition to soft phones when deploying Remote Agents.

FECA’s major concern was that updating their contact center platform would require significant adjustments for the organization in order to best use the platform and its new capabilities, as well as how best to implement and encourage adoption of soft phones.

One of the main implementation challenges was FECA’s lack of familiarity with the needed setup/requirements for the switch protocol/VLAN and VPN capabilities.

The Solution

Enghouse Interactive implemented its cloud-based Contact Center for SMB solution, Hosted Communications Center (HCC) as well as its Recording & Quality Management Solution, Hosted Quality Management Suite (HQMS).

Business Benefits of the Solution

New Features Implemented
The hosted Contact Center and Recording and QMS platforms were quickly implemented, enabling FECA to benefit from advanced routing capabilities, call back and screen recording features. This increased service levels, eliminated unnecessary delays and/or call misdirection, resulting in reduced costs.

Hybrid Work Environment Enabled
Agents can now use soft phones, whether in-office or working remotely from home – providing a significant improvement in overall operational flexibility, call quality and security. Calls can now be easily recorded regardless of where the agent is located.

A Broader Toolbox for Enhanced Contact Center Management
New tools enable the Management team to assist in the daily function, and overall management of the Contact Center.

Enghouse’s Implementation Expertise & Training
Enghouse Professional Services staff consistently distinguished themselves during the project’s implementation. The Enghouse Litmos Training Center enabled FECA to access new functionality training quickly and easily across the organization without limitation.