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  • Enghouse Interactive Communications Center
  • Quality Management Suite
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How the Partner Colorado Credit Union Enhanced Member Experience, Operational Efficiency and Organizational Performance with Enghouse Interactive

Partner Colorado Credit Union (Partner Colorado) — unlike publicly-held banks, which are beholden to shareholders — is owned and operated by members. The credit union offers the high-quality banking services expected from a well-established financial institution, but with better rates and personal service. In addition to its in-branch, online and mobile banking services, Partner Colorado also provides free financial education seminars and financial reviews.

The Scenario

Like many financial institutions, Partner Colorado was hamstrung by legacy contact center technology that hindered its ability to collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders. The impact on service levels was evident, and both employees and customers suffered from the disparate phone system’s tendency to drop calls. Personnel across the organization, devoid of means to collaborate, could not execute their daily assignments in a timely, efficient manner. The legacy call center platform’s inherent obsolescence monopolized the time of internal IT who were inundated with daily requests for support, and the need to develop “workarounds” for problems – just to maintain daily operations.

The Solution

Partner Colorado Credit Union embarked on a search for a new contact center platform with several key criteria in mind that led it to directly Enghouse Interactive. Core requirements included seamless integration with Avaya IP Office and its home-grown CRM system, as well as ease-of-use for agents and flexible reporting. By selecting Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (CC) and Quality Management Suite (QMS), Partner Colorado Credit Union found a solution that was intuitive, highly functional, reliable and that provided visibility into each touchpoint of the member experience.

Enghouse Interactive’s technology appealed to Partner Colorado for several reasons: streamlined integration with Avaya IP Office; omni-channel functionality; agent-centric design; as well as the breadth and depth of the company’s engineering and support teams.

Communications Center is one of the most popular contact center platforms available today, deployed by over 4,000 organizations across the world. Communications Center is a modular, feature-rich, omni-channel contact center solution that is designed to operate natively on leading IP Telephony platforms (including Avaya, Cisco, NEC, and Microsoft Skype for Business), and that offers multiple deployment options for on-premises, hosted, and hybrid environments.

Communication Center’s compatibility with third-party technology supports numerous options for system integrations. For Partner Colorado, Enghouse’s use of open APIs allows integration with the in-house CRM. Instead of having to toggle back and forth between different screens and applications, agents proactively receive relevant and useful data on callers via ScreenPop. Communication Center’s extensible tabs for CRM and other resources reduce app hopping and enable efficient call handling, transfer and conferencing through an optimized UI.

The seamless integration of Communication Center with QMS provides the built-in quality assurance and reporting capabilities that Partner Colorado Credit Union’s contact center managers coveted, including: Call Recording for voice recording and review; Agent Evaluation for call scoring and agent coaching; Computer Recording enables desktop screen capture; and Screen Recording allows for live interaction monitoring. The QMS Scorecard feature ties it all together (voice recording, screen recording, evaluation, etc.) for evaluation and training.


Upon going live in March of 2017, the intuitive nature of Enghouse Interactive’s TouchPoint interface allowed agents to ramp up with ease and much quicker than anticipated. Empowered by Communications Center with key functionality like presence and skills-based routing, agents were elated with their new-found ability to deliver an exceptional, expedited member experience on each interaction.

As Enghouse Interactive solutions integrate seamlessly with Avaya IP Office, the entire organization was now connected on a single telephony platform; agents were rescued from their island and could now connect with colleagues through a dial-by-name directory. The addition of chat and high-touch gave agents the tools they always needed, but to which they never had access.

From day 1, Enghouse Interactive solutions stood out as very user friendly and eliminated the need for workarounds. Integration with Partner Colorado’s CRM system empowered agents with screen pops to keep track of time spent on each call, and queue status to ensure no member waited on hold for too long. Access to call history provided insight on each member’s situation and previous interactions, allowing agents to deliver informed service and support with
both alacrity and precision.

Another high-value attribute is Communications Center’s Service Level Dashboard. Enghouse has simplified how Colorado Partner Credit Union measures service levels, keeping agents motivated and in-tune with their team. Real-time visibility of service levels shows areas of strength and where there is room for improvement. In addition, transparency as to performance and metrics like call volume and hold times keeps agents accountable to one another.

For managers, QMS allowed for call recording and easy access to a myriad of customizable reports. Extensive functionality that it is both comprehensive and intuitive provides unprecedented visibility into agent performance and is an invaluable resource for education and training.

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