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Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Center (CC) evolves with every single release ensuring it meets the needs of the market’s fast changing business needs. We’re continuously improving, innovating, listening to feedback from partners and customers, and always aim to ensure our software is of the highest quality.

This year Communications Center and the Quality Management Suite (QMS) released their new versions at the same time ensuring harmonious integration between the two solutions, along with the rest of the Enghouse Interactive portfolio. CC 2016 R2 will make installs faster, provides a lower cost of ownership, and now made the user interface, TouchPoint, better than ever before.

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Enhancements in CC 2016

Quality Driven Communications
New Omni-Channel Escalation Scenarios
• Customer and agent-enabled channel escalation
• Add IM to voice or voice to IM (TouchPoint Agent for Microsoft Office 365)
• Add screen sharing (Microsoft Office 365)

New Agent & Team Goals/KPIs, Metrics & Alerts
• Set agent or team performance thresholds
• New KPI and metrics graphs and visualization

An Improved TouchPoint Experience
• Access agent and presence controls direct from call bar
• Improved searching within email queues and contacts

Tighter Portfolio Integration
New Communication Portal (EICP) Support
• IVR Integration, with an improved data display in TouchPoint
• Application Integration (IVR Navigator)

Enhanced Quality Management Suite (QMS) Integration
• Access QMS from directly within TouchPoint
• Easier administration and improved data

Web-Enabled TouchPoint
Providing improved Managed Service Offering
• New Edge Server role to aggregate client connections

Support Home-Based/Roaming TouchPoint Agents

Reduce cost & Improve Performance
• Remote TouchPoint deployment with no expensive VPN required

Secure Single Sign-On
• Mutual TLS Certificate-based architecture

Microsoft Office 365
Improved Direct-to-Conference Call Scenarios
• All agent calls are pulled into conferences for improved performance and call handling

Reduce Queue Complexity & Support Advanced Routing
• In-dial Modifiers are now supported on Microsoft Office 365
Support for Agent DTMF
• Dialpad and tone support added to TouchPoint

Improved Platform Support
Microsoft Office 365 Compliance
• Client and Server Support (UCMA5)

Improved IP Office Support
• 9.1 Compliance testing, support for 400 agents
Improved Cisco Support
• CUCM 11 Compliance, improved TAPI integration

Improved Pre-Requisite Check & Diagnostic Test Tool
• Microsoft Office 365/Lync and SQL focus

Lync VDI Support

Windows 10 Support

A comparison of the features and functionality added since version 6.2 (click to enlarge):

Enghouse Interactive Communications Center 2016 Version Matrix Diagram

The Enghouse Interactive solution is already enabling us to establish much greater control over the call management and call routing process. It has armed our customer service staff with a much greater understanding of the nature of calls.

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Enhancements in Previous Versions:

Version 8.1

All New TouchPoint Operator Console
Increase operator efficiency with this fresh new console operator interface. The new console UI has improved enterprise contact search with context sensitive alerting.

Improved Supervisor Visibility within TouchPoint
TouchPoint’s supervisor and monitoring views have been refined to further help manage agent productivity and quality.

New for Microsoft Lync
Media-escalation now gives agents the ability to transition from voice to video, or from IM to screen-share – all in the same interaction. IM queuing is also available, allowing Lync users to use the rich chat functionality of CC.

New Mobility Feature for Roaming Agents
Support is now available for Lync Mobile Client and Cisco Jabber Extend & Connect on mobile devices. Extend your contact center to the roaming agent and retain all of CC’s reporting and skills based routing.

Improved Server Resiliency
Leverage SQL 2014 clustering and merged replication to keep your business critical contact center application to mitigate risk around disaster recovery (fail-over/fail back) scenarios.

All New Webchat
A revitalized UI and an easy to setup with secure webchat interface allowing for improved integration with your website.

Improved SMS Interaction Queuing
Now offering direct SMS gateway support, with 2-way agent session management.

Talk to the our Advanced Services team about integrating your SMS gateway for more control over your SMS channel.

Video Interaction Queuing
Talk to the Advanced Services team about integrating video into your customer’s contact center experience.

Version 8.0

Multi-Channel Capabilities for TouchPoint
Taking the complexity out of managing calls, emails, web chats, texts and social media, and increasing agent productivity.

Improve Productivity & Customer Satisfaction
Integration with other Enghouse Interactive solutions allows agents using TouchPoint to move quickly and effortlessly between the applications. New metrics are displayed in highly visible, graphical formats that make it easy to monitor activity. You can also now manage your contact center while on the move using TouchPoint on a Microsoft Surface.

New for Microsoft Lync
Increased agent capacity and multi-channel survey for monitoring customer satisfaction across channels.

New Languages
TouchPoint is now available in nine languages including French Canadian.

Improving the Daily Lives of the People of the Contact Center

The Enghouse Interactive portfolio strives to improve the daily lives of people in the contact center through interaction management software, and our 2016 software releases are a significant contribution to this mission.

We know happy contact center agents equal happy customers, but who is the happy agent? We believe it’s the agent that’s in control, has all the information they need at their finger tips, isn’t stressed, can confidently handle every challenge and come back tomorrow to do it all again.

It’s our mission to develop great tools that allow agents to do exactly that – leave the office every day knowing they conquered every challenge thrown at them and made their customers happy. We have a strong relationship with our customers, and work alongside them to ensure they’re not fighting their battles alone.

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