CCW Las Vegas 2019

Drop By and Visit Enghouse Interactive at Customer Contact Week – June 26 and 27th, 2019
We’re exhibiting at Booth #723 and at Amazon Booth #1213


If you’re not already aware, Enghouse Interactive offers the industry’s broadest range of contact center solutions.  One of the guiding principles that Enghouse has adhered to over the years: focus on meeting customer needs and expectations, exactly as the customer defines them.

With this in mind, Enghouse offers its contact center portfolio with a choice of deployment modalities: On Premise or Cloud.  This approach provides our customers with the flexibility to easily add more functionality to their contact centers either as: an add-on to their existing platform; on a phased transition basis; or as a complete migration from on-premises hardware to a full cloud deployment.

What makes the Enghouse Contact Center extremely flexible and capable? 

Applications Architecture  Its structured as a highly versatile and flexible platform upon which other services, features, functionality, applications and capabilities can be easily integrated, leveraged or extended.

Omni-Channel Capabilities Integrates inputs from a wide range of channels: voice, video (webRTC), chat/SMS, email, mobile and social media streams including: quality management/recording, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other services. This approach ensures the simplified integration of new channels, today, and as they emerge in the future.

Open Standards Leverages industry-leading open standards and non-proprietary protocols enabling a wider range of third-party application integrations without the need for extensive, customer-specific, customization.

Interoperability A significant benefit is its ability to work with all SIP based PBXs and network infrastructures. This eliminates the risk of stranding a technologically viable UC platform before the end of its useful life.

Enghouse respects the investments customers have made and ensures that the integration of complementary technologies is never a limitation. Our objective is to help ensure that organizations extract maximum value from all their technology investments.

Experience the Enghouse Contact Center demo for yourself in Booth #723 or book a meeting in our Suite to hear first-hand about the advanced capabilities we deliver.

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Focus on Innovation : Cloud and Artificial Intelligence

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Enghouse Interactive has singularly focused on innovation in this realm.  Our aggressive approach paid off – Enghouse was recently awarded the IBM THINK 2019 award for Cloud and AI innovation. This was due to our innovative solution Enghouse AI Insights and its focus on the customer experience, where were leveraged the Voice of the Customer data from each customer interaction. Enghouse AI Insights drives significant value from each and every customer engagement. By leveraging IBM Watson, we were able to commercialize our innovative solution in record time and meet our customer’s objectives – as well as our own.

We invite you to drop by Booth #723 and we’ll show you how Enghouse Interactive can resolve your Customer Experience (CX) issues, with the industry’s most reliable Contact Center solutions.

We also invite you to visit us at Amazon Booth #1213 to see Enghouse SmartDial, our advanced blended services dialer. Offering a native integration into Amazon Connect, the Enghouse SmartDial solution delivers over 300% improvement in Agent efficiency with industry-leading operational flexibility.

Enghouse Interactive worked with the Amazon Connect Expert Team to develop an intuitive interface into the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel and the Amazon infrastructure, ensuring that we deliver the highest-performance experience possible for both Agents and Supervisors.

See how Enghouse SmartDial can transform your business.  

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