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Enghouse Contact Center Solutions ensure that your organization can deliver effective and efficient customer service by seamlessly interacting with resources across your organization. Quickly resolve customer needs, accessing your experts no matter where they are located, no matter what devices they use or prefer.

Feature rich and fully secured, organization of all sizes will benefit from Enghouse platforms optimized for SMB, Enterprise or CCaaS implementations, with a choice of deployment modalities available to meet all organization’s immediate and evolutionary requirements.

Features: The industry’s most comprehensive range of contact center capabilities, deployable across local single site, up to and including global multi-node/multi-site installations

Benefits: Exceptional operational flexibility based on 4 foundational design principles – open standards, applications architecture, interoperability, and full omni-channel capabilities

Differentiators: The industry’s most reliable provider for over 36 years, offers the choice of 5 deployment modalities: CCaaS, On-Prem, Hybrid and Cloud (private or public), public cloud options include IBM Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure , Google Cloud or customer’s preferred provider(s).

Contact Center for SMBs
Contact Center for Enterprise

Choice Of Deployment Options:

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Industry-leading, highly effective Self-Service capabilities put control in the customer’s hands

Features:  IVR, Virtual Assistants (chatbots), enhanced consoles, portals, voice biometrics and authentication

Benefits:  Ensures regulatory compliance, improves customer service and customer experience management initiatives

Differentiators: 99% accuracy in voice biometrics-based authentication ensures optimal security

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Cost-effective, intuitive and quickly implemented recording and quality monitoring solution

Capabilities: Call Recording (always-on & on-demand, multi-site) and screen recording modules, full indexing for quick omni-channel data searching, agent evaluation and training tools

Customer Value: Ensures regulatory compliance, improves customer service and customer experience management initiatives

Differentiators: 99% accuracy voice to text with transcription; storage to public cloud

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Industry-leading call routing and processing functionality which simplifies call flow management in complex and simple environments

Features: Enghouse Communications Center – Operator Console; Touchpoint Attendant Console for Microsoft; Arc Pro Console for Cisco

Benefits: Superior call handling features with rich directory and presence information. Easily manages single site or complex multi-site, multi-tenant and multi-language environments

Differentiators: Software based solutions, with intuitive interfaces, simplified deployment

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Simplify the engagement with prospects and customer in a highly efficient manner using business-rules driven tools 

Features: Intelligent Dialers, Portals

Benefits: Optimizes agent productivity and reduces idle time, decreases contention issues, quickly drives conversations toward a satisfactory resolution

Differentiators: Full industry interoperability, open standards-based platform and applications

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Collects and analyzes call accounting data to deliver key insights into unified communication and telephony system usage and to prevent fraud

Capabilities: Intuitive web browser interface /automated email warnings for threshold alarms, misuse/abuse, call duration/lost calls/trunk capacity alarms, call tracing

Benefits: Facilitates optimization of resources, maximization of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, while minimizing fraudulent use

Differentiators: Simple deployment, low maintenance, reliable, scalable, seamless integration, quick ROI

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Connect the world by video-enabling any application. Vidyo delivers the most secure, highest-quality video experience, on-prem or from the cloud

Features: Multi-modal collaboration enhanced with real-time content sharing and editing. Screen cascading delivers consistent HD quality even in calls spanning multiple geographies - a Vidyo exclusive

Benefits: Quickly and easily integrates with all existing infrastructures w/o requiring PS. Effortless invite participants to ad hoc and scheduled calls. Cost-effectively provides a consistent, professional 4K HD video experience

Differentiators: Unique Private Instance (Cloud & On-Prem) provides premium end-to-end security. No Login Credentials Stored. No User Info Shared with 3rd Parties or Social Media

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Provides integrations for industry leading CRM and CTI applications along with Dialogic Solutions, BrookTrout Fax and third-party applications for customer-specific interoperability requirements

Features: Simplified exchange of data and other relevant customer information across the contact center and other applications to easily interact and communicate  

Benefits: Ensures the right information is presented to an agent via CRM screen-pop during the call. Customer quickly identified/verified via CRM integrations prior to transferring to an agent.  CRM data augmented metrics = richer data

 Differentiators: Quick ROI, Contact Center matching SLA’s

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Consulting and Technology Practices

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A set of innovative core methodologies and services which integrates and activates Artificial Intelligence within the contact center.

Features: Using Conversational AI, listen to the Voice of the Customer and extracts actionable insights from a wide range of digital media

Benefits: Turn-key approach to enabling Artificial Intelligence within the Contact Center, reducing costs and improving the Customer Journey.   

Differentiators: Conversational AI (>95% analysis accuracy), industry-specific lexicons

A set of core methodologies and services designed to help customers get the most out of their knowledge bases and management tools

Features: Real-time article editing and intuitive admin tools, robust analytics and reporting, ongoing analysis and optimization for continuous improvement

Benefits: a software solution that is easy to implement and learn, ongoing support reduces customer service time and increases satisfaction levels

Differentiators: ROI in less than 6 months, includes community forums, robust advanced search, social media and support for multiple languages

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A set of core methodologies used to deliver an easily scalable multi-modal survey management platform and managed services for collection of customer insight data and management

Features: Undertake complex surveys without adding resources. Data Collection platform with Services providing Advanced Programming and Reporting services in multiple languages

Benefits: Enables online, live-interview, or with IVR, reduces costs, increases efficiency and improves timeliness of market research and opinion polling

Differentiators: Includes Survey Manager, Survey Sample management, operations and outbound dialer management tools

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Provides voice talent and audio recording services that are unmatched in the industry. Industry- renowned experts guide your marketing, training, IT and CRM professionals to unify all customer-facing touch points.

Features: 32 languages, male and female persona’s, integrates with all voice, video, online technologies and platforms

Benefits: Easily, quickly and cost-effectively provide a consistent and professional image of your organization

Differentiators: Quick turn-around (less than 1 week), 100% personalization and customization to your needs

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Third-Party Supported Solutions

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Unified Communications as a Service. Offering a range of industry-leading UC providers which enable customers to fully benefit from the most comprehensive communications and collaboration capabilities available.

Features: Integrated communication and collaboration capabilities with complete resiliency and redundancy, visual voicemail, choice of deployment: full mobile, with desk phones or mix of device types (hybrid)

Benefits:  When integrated, provides a complete solution with inbound, outbound and customer experience capabilities with: low costs, operational flexibility, seamless integration of 3rd party applications

Differentiators: Complete Contact Center and Communications solution, 100% customization to user needs

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Telecom infrastructure – purchased as a Service.  Leverage the industry’s most flexible provider of telecom services to underpin your contact center with high-reliability infrastructure

Features: SIP Trunking, North American DiD’s with automated or supervised LNP, Voip911, SMS, LD, PSTN termination plus operational management and surveillance tools

Benefits: Easily accessible, highly reliable, resilient, redundant and cost-effective telecom infrastructure across North America, and select countries globally, 99.999% uptime SLA

Differentiators: Quick set up and commissioning, 100% customization for user specific needs

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Optimizes the utilization of resources, based on skills, response time, resolution skills and customer feedback

Features: Enhances internal visibility, adaptability and performance of all agents. Mobile-ready with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Integrated training tool

Benefits: Adjust resources in real-time to meet call flows, analyze and plan for upcoming campaigns, ensure best resources used

Differentiators: Quick ROI, positioned for integration of AI for Work Force Optimization

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AI, Teams UC & Video: Better Together to Optimize CX

There is no shortage of options when it comes to building a CX strategy. But once CX leaders have executed on that strategy, how do they continue to optimize it? And more importantly, how do they know whether their strategy is, indeed, successful? In this webinar, you’ll learn exactly what successful companies are doing—and why—with prescriptive advice that will help you optimize your own strategies. Metrigy CEO Robin Gareiss will share a recipe for CX success, based on her Customer Engagement Transformation research study of 700 organizations.

Watch Now—and get guidance on making your own CX strategy even more successful.


Robin Gareiss

CEO and Principal Research Analyst, Metrigy

Jacki Tessmer

VP Product Marketing, Enghouse Interactive

ei metrigy formerly nemertes b


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Recipe for Success to Optimize CX

How Companies are Using AI, Teams UC, and Video to Improve Customer Interactions.

Download now to get answers to questions like:

  • Why are so many organizations integrating their unified communications and contact center platforms—and why is integration more likely in the cloud?
  • As companies continue to adopt Microsoft Teams, how are they integrating it into their contact center platforms?
  • What is driving the use of video for customer interactions, and how does its use translate into business success?
  • How are companies using artificial intelligence and analytics to help customer journeys and agent experience?
  • How are CX leaders measuring success?

Metrigy Infographic

Metrigy conducted a Customer Engagement Transformation research study of around 700 organizations and a subset of the research participants was placed into a “success group” based on their high levels of before-and-after business metrics after implementing advanced CX technologies.

This Infographic features the behavior and results of implementing AI, Teams UC and Video by successful companies vs. others. Download now to learn more.



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