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2022 Q1
2022 Q1

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2022 Q1

Launches & Releases

NEW RELEASE: Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center for SMB, Communications Center (CC) Rel 12 Service Pack (SP) 1

Building on the new capabilities in Release 12.0 which enable organizations to leverage Ring Central UC and Presence indicators along with some Touchpoint enhancements, there is now a web-based Touchpoint Web user interface (UI) that integrates with Microsoft Teams for even more flexibility.

New Teams and / or SIP Features Added:

SIP PBX Features
  • Communications Portal (CP) Integration and Call Park: Closing gaps on our SIP PBX that will enable expected functionality for customers wanting to move to Microsoft Teams, Ring Central, and IP Office MTCTI. This is particularly important for existing customers using CP IVR who want to move to Teams or RC, or Console users wanting to use Call Park.
  • Data sovereignty – Obfuscation for Teams: Data Sovereignty means that data is subject to the laws and regulations of the geographic location where that data is collected and processed. Data sovereignty is a country-specific requirement that data must remain within the borders of the jurisdiction where it originated. CC have enabled Obfuscation for log files for Microsoft Teams.Communications Center (CC) utilizes 2 approaches
    • Similar to QMS we use a one-way hashing algorithm to convert personally identifiable data into randomized data where appropriate e.g. phone numbers.
    • Otherwise the personally identifiable data is removed entirely from the logs. e.g. email or chat content.
  • Configurable CLI presentation for agents outbound calls
    • Agents can now be assigned or select what outbound number should be presented when they make a call from TouchPoint.
    • Options include default company-wide number, Agents DDI number, anonymous or select from a queue.
TouchPoint Updates
  • TouchPoint web client UI Integration:
    • Voice only agent
    • Contact Search
    • Call Control
  • Make a Call
  • Supervised Transfer
    These features join our already supported features on TouchPoint web client:

    • Login/Logout / Break
    • Answer Call / Hold / Hang-up
    • Take Multiple Calls
    • Worktime (Predefined/Default Worktime currently supported – not custom Worktime or Duration) / After Call Worktime
  • DTMF tones support in Console: When on a connected call keyboard now shows with DTMF control.
  • Assign contacts to Phonebook Directories: Allows partitioning of the phonebook and what users can see.
  • Cancel automatic break: automatically complete your ‘Locked PC’ break when the PC screen is unlocked.
Web Administration – Additional Features
  • Web Administration: Moving from the legacy system to the web Admin tool will lower the customers TCO with a simplified administration function in an up-to-date code base.This release includes
    • Progress Announcements
    • Automated Attendant
Resolved Issues
  • In this release, we’ve addressed a number of issues and other bugs to improve usability and performance.
  • Windows 11 support
  • Cisco UCM 14.0 due end of Q1 2022.


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NEW RELEASE: Recording and Quality Management Suite (QMS) Release 9.0

A new evaluation workflow feature enables supervisors and managers to create workflow processes with multiple states and owners. It also automatically notifies users of new activities they must complete, while tracking progress at each step of the process. A new Supervisor Calibration feature helps ensure consistency between supervisors. QMS now support AWS transcription, providing customers with a choice of either Cloud or on-premise (Nuance) transcription services

Evaluation Workflow

A new workflow feature has been added. This allows Quality and HR Managers to create workflow processes with multiple states and owners, and to have tasks automatically notify users of new activities they have to complete, whilst tracking the progress of each step of the process.

Supervisor Calibration

A new Calibration feature has been added that allows for the improvement management of supervisor calibrations, with the potential to improve consistency between supervisors much more easily, through more controlled calibration processes and easier analysis of results.

Screen Recording Efficiency Improvements

It is now possible to elect to have the screen recording client perform post-call media processing, reducing server load, and with the potential to lower TCO.

AWS Transcription

QMS is now able to support AWS transcription, providing customers with a choice of either Cloud or on-premise (Nuance) transcription services.

Virtual Demos

QMS 9.0: Evaluation Workflows
Ask the Experts: Live Q+A

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New Release: Proteus for Cloud

Proteus for Cloud provides detailed cost and usage analysis of communication systems (for a wide-range of UC and UCaaS solutions including Microsoft Teams) while delivering all the features of the premise-based Proteus platform, but with the added reliability, scalability, and security of Enghouse Cloud.


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Momindum Simplifies Agent Training and Development

Video based training has been proven to be easier to understand and better retained than text only learning. Momindum provides all the HD video recording, editing, sub-title overlays, and translation tools you’ll ever need to deliver the best training courses ever. Momindum’s high performance platform also ensures agent (and staff) training consistency across the organization – locally or globally. Momindum also includes embedded evaluation and performance tracking capabilities. Being open standards based facilitates its integration with a wide-range of workforce management applications that can help further enhance agent performance optimization.

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2022 Q1

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2022 Q1

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2022 Q1

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2022 Q1

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2022 Q1

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