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Today’s customers demand that they can:

  • Reach you anytime, anywhere and on any device
  • Engage via their preferred channels, including social media, text, video, and phone
  • Resolve their issues quickly, the first time

Metrigy will present the hard data - and case studies - behind these evolving customer expectations. In addition, they will show how industry-leading (and successful ) companies are exceeding expectations by using emerging and existing technologies in innovative ways across their organizations.

As a result, they can resolve customer issues quickly and deliver the services that differentiate them in highly competitive markets.

Then learn how Enghouse Interactive elevates, engages, and extends your contact center capabilities with the industry’s most comprehensive customer experience (CX) solutions. Enabling you today, while preparing you for tomorrow.

Featured Speakers

Robin Gareiss

CEO and Principal Analyst


Alex Black

Alex Black

Chief Technical Officer

Enghouse Interactive

Chandan Mehta

VP Product Marketing

Enghouse Interactive

About Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive (EI), a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ENGH), is a leading global provider of contact center software, services, and video solutions, serving thousands of customers for over 35 years. Enghouse Interactive solutions enable customers to deliver winning customer experiences by transforming the contact center from a cost center into a powerful growth engine.

Enghouse Interactive’s core values – Reliability and Choice – are key differentiators in the global marketplace. Reliability speaks to Enghouse Interactive’s reputation for consistently honoring its commitments to its customers, staff, partners, and investors. Choice is reflected in the unparalleled breadth of its CX portfolio, which enables customers to choose from a wide array of solutions, whether deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or on a hybrid platform. By leveraging a broad range of technologies and capabilities based on open standards, Enghouse Interactive simplifies the advanced integrations customers require.

Respecting local regulatory requirements, and supporting any telephony technology, Enghouse Interactive ensures that its customers can be reached by their customers – anytime, anywhere, and via any channel.

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