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Webinar Date: Thursday, July 11th 2019 @ 11:30 am (Eastern)

When considering moving your contact center to the cloud, there are many questions that come into mind. We’ll be taking a hard look at the realities of migration through the eyes of 2 experts who have lived these experiences from different yet complementary perspectives:

Art Schoeller, renowned industry Analyst and Vice President at Forrester Research who has had many in-depth conversations with customers who have migrated to the cloud, and John CrayVice President of Product Management at Enghouse Interactive, who has been in the trenches,  working with customers to define and deliver the most relevant and important capabilities for cloud based services, especially when migrating from premise based hardware platforms.

By now, most organizations know what the top reasons are for migrating to the cloud, but are they aware of what issues or surprises that may await? Has their planning been as comprehensive as they thought, or were there other aspects that should have been considered?  Have the projected benefits been achieved?  If yes, to what extent?  If not, why not?  What trade-offs, if any, had to be made to achieve the objectives? What indirect benefits were achieved, both planned and unplanned? Are the expected benefits immediately apparent, or does it take longer than expected? Have other parts of the organization benefited from such a fundamental infrastructure change? Has migrating the contact center to the cloud-accelerated cloud adoption elsewhere in the organization? How does an organization ensure that there are no impediments to adoption? Having completed the migration, what advice should be kept in mind when contemplating the cloud?  In the final analysis, should the organization have done anything differently?

From the Enghouse perspective, John Cray will address these issues, and provide insight into complementary Enghouse services that can ensure past shortfalls are avoided.

Art Schoeller will also provide his expert insight as to where the cloud contact center industry is evolving and will discuss the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI); Robotic Process Automation (RPA); and Virtual Agents/Chat-bots.

Just as importantly, we’ll benefit from his insight into what are the most important trend(s) to be mindful of, what expected advantages should be gained from these forthcoming advancements, and what initiatives have yet to meet expectations.

Join us on July 11th to hear real-world Lessons Learned from Moving to the Cloud.

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