by Gary Audin

You are migrating to Skype for Business (Skype4B). You also have contact center operations. You want to blend the two together. The console for managing the contact center operations is important. Most consoles in the past have been text oriented and not very intuitive. What you would like is a console that is more fun, more engaging, easy-to-use, and requires less training. You still need a visual display of the status the calls. You want to retain the context contact center style reporting.

Scott Logan, VP Marketing, Americas at Enghouse Interactive and Gary Audin recorded this podcast at the Microsoft Ignite conference. The recorded conversation dives into the contact center operations and how to use and operate with Skype for Business. Scott discusses a new TouchPoint Attendant for Skype4B console solution native to the Skype4B Cloud PBX and accessible directly from Microsoft Office 365. He covers the interactive and graphical interface which brings a gamification approach to increasing attendant and operator productivity. Menus and functions are state dependent and devoid of unnecessary desktop clutter and redundant actions. Calls travel dynamically and change color based on a contact’s queue position and age.

Enghouse Interactive’s integrated suite of solutions includes omnichannel contact center, self-service, attendant operator consoles, and workforce optimization. This wide portfolio places Enghouse in the unique position to offer customers and partners a complete fully featured single vendor solutions. These solutions support the full range of deployment methods from premise-based to private, public, or community cloud and even hybrid requirements.

Their solutions scale from a single site call reception console to multi-tenanted, multimedia contact centers with users in excess of 10,000. They have more than 1 million agent seats handling over 1 billion interactions through our systems daily.


Listen to the full interview below.

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