Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare

  • Reduce re-admission rates with outbound calls through patients’ preferred channel.
    • Nurses can utilize downtime to follow up on post operation care and medication instructions.
  • Patients are directly connected to proper nurse based on their health record.
  • Streamline patient communications with a single system across sites with centralized remote administration: Multi-site contact center, operator console, and quality management capabilities.
  • Improve patients ability to connect: self-service, IVR, SMS, mobile apps chat, etc.
  • Decrease appointment no shows

Improve Patient Care with IVR

Provide exceptional patient experiences without sacrificing compliance, budgets, or staff productivity. Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center solutions help providers meet their business needs:

  • Improve the patient call experience:
    • Intelligently route calls to the appropriate staff member quickly.
    • Proactively notify patients of appointments, test results, etc.
  • Reduce operational costs related to patient care by shortening patient wait times.
  • Integrate with existing back-office systems for a smooth patient and employee experience.
  • Offer prescription refills through IVR self-service solution.

To find out more about how Enghouse Interactive’s IVR solutions could help your organization take a look at our IVR products or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

“The way you’ve always done something is not necessarily the way you are going to do it in the future”, say’s Greg Price, of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

  • Call wait times dropped from 27 minutes to under 2 minutes.
  • Dropped call rates decreased from 50% to under 4%.

Enghouse Interactive's biggest benefit for us is the ability to triage patients early with a great front-end system.

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center