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Winner of the 2019 IBM Excellence Award – Hybrid Cloud Innovation

Presented by: Guy Kurtz - VP IBM Cloud Channel, North America

About The Award

Left to right: Guy Kurtz, North America Director Business Partners and Channels, Cloud Platform Vince Mifsud, President, Enghouse Systems Edward Bottini, WW Director, Watson and Cloud Platform Ecosystem David Lapp, WW Vice President, Marketing, IBM Cloud Platform  

IBM 2019 Excellence Award - Hybrid Cloud Innovation This award recognizes the outstanding IBM Business Partner that has demonstrated innovation & creativity using the IBM Cloud platform, while delivering superior performance and growth in 2018.  

This was awarded to Enghouse Interactive, a division of Enghouse Systems Limited from North America. Enghouse has jointly developed their solution, Enghouse Insights, with IBM Data Science & IBM Cloud Services teams to transform Cloud Contact Centers into Revenue Generators. This solution demonstrates an innovative use of data visualization, transforming the contact center from a cost center into a proactive strategic tool, delivering more personalized customer experiences and that drive revenue generation.

The Excellence Awards recognize IBM Business Partners that:  

• Exemplify the spirit of Think 2019 - By being innovators and forward thinkers • Delivering outstanding performance and growth with IBM Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI • They have gone the extra mile to transform their client’s businesses  

IBM Think 2019 Awards Blog

"We are proud to have been recognized by IBM for our innovation with Watson and IBM Cloud services. Our AI enhanced solution, named Enghouse Insights, provides our customers with more actionable information than ever before from their customer’s conversations. With Enghouse Insights, we’ll be able to deliver more personable experiences and help transition the contact center into an effective strategic tool. And, ultimately, transform the contact center into a revenue generation platform." Vince Mifsud 

Vincent Mifsud - Global President at Enghouse Systems 

"When developing Enghouse Insights we worked hand in hand with the IBM Data Scientist team to extract the maximum possible from the agorithms being developed and our data. The Data Science Elite team is really like a SWAT team that works with you to get you up to speed quickly. They made it easier for us to harness the power of Watson and they've given us the confidence to use Watson Studio for everything we do." Alex Black

Alex Black - CTO at Enghouse Interactive

IBM and Enghouse partner to help enterprises transform their contact centers to modern experience centers that deliver insights and drive growth.

Better insights

Your business has questions. Your contact center has the answer. Leverage the Enghouse + IBM partnership to deliver actionable insights.

Better Experience.

Enghouse's leading contact center software helps you deliver a better experience, for both your agents and your customers.

Migrate to the Cloud

Enghouse has partnered with IBM, hosting our leading AI Insight contact center analytics on IBM's world-class cloud.

"Today’s customers are digital, on the go and expect to instantly connect and communicate. With this, Enghouse and IBM are meeting the demand for cloud-based customer experience and contact center as a service."

CHRISTOPHER RIMER Vice President, NA Cloud Business Partner Ecosystem, IBM