Built for flexibility. Built for the way you do business.

Call Center App Store for CxEngage

Built for flexibility. Built for the way you do business.

CxEngage brings a microservices 2.0, true cloud architecture to the contact center. Configure CxEngage to work with your proprietary technology, or connect to a variety of powerful apps and native integrations that suit your business needs.

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Call Center App Store for Lifesize CxEngage


Enhance IVR workflows with the power of conversational AI and natural language processing. With Omilia, you can build next-gen IVR virtual assistants that are able to engage in true end-to-end conversations. Contact center managers can also use and deploy pre-configured miniApps for many popular verticals and languages without any coding.


Leverage predictive models and machine learning to forecast call volumes, manage staffing levels and minimize call surplus scenarios. ScoreData can use not only call records and customer information, but also social media, location, and sales and transaction history to create smart routing models you can deploy across your contact center.

Processing and Automation


Allow managers to create, test and update customer support flows without low code by using the Jacada Interact cloud-based and browser-based tool. From the same automation platform, build bots that guide, assist, automate and unify the employee workspace, as well as bots that enable customers to tap, text and talk across any touchpoint.


Allow managers to build payment workflows for inbound, outbound and warm transfer (or live agent hand-off) routes with Key IVR’s Border platform. This payment automation adds an essential layer of security (PCI-DSS Level 1 ) to your operations, and agents are never exposed to sensitive payment and cardholder data.


Let customers swiftly resolve their customer service needs by themselves, wherever they are and without getting lost in complex voice IVR menu trees or talking to a call center representative, all through Zappix Visual IVR, a revolutionary digital and visual self-service tool. Your business will enjoy improved customer satisfaction, less agent burnout and reduced costs.

Workforce Optimization (WFO)


Evaluate each call using CallMiner’s speech analytics capabilities that analyze, coach and alert.



Integrate the highly flexible Teleopti Workforce Management (WFM) solution with CxEngage. Use advanced tools and capabilities to forecast, schedule and monitor all customer service operations, as well as dynamically adapt to changing situations.


Connect CxEngage to Verint’s Workforce Engagement Cloud, bringing enterprise-grade security and cyber intelligence to your critical customer experience functions. Utilize out-of-the-box features like speech transcription and speech analytics to monitor customer conversations in near real time, and easily spot rising trends and potential issues.



Aggregate data and measure performance in real time to empower everyone from executive to agent with ClearView Dashboards and Wallboards. Connecting CxEngage to ClearView lets users visualize standard ACD metrics as well as data from other sources, all on the same dashboards.



Visualize the most important KPIs not only from CxEngage but from 50+ other integrations, all in the Plecto dashboard tool. With Plecto’s streaming integration, you can offer real-time insights, implement automatic reporting and add gamification features across different departments.


Integrate Facebook

Facebook Messenger

Integrate Facebook Messenger with CxEngage to read or respond to messages sent to your company’s Facebook page or messaging app, directly from the Agent Toolbar.



Send and receive a variety of media including text, photos, videos, documents, location and voice calls. Messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third party (including WhatsApp) can read or listen to them.


Call Center App Store for Lifesize CxEngage


CxEngage has a deep, pre-built integration with the world’s leading CRM platform to efficiently combine the benefits of both systems into one powerful solution.



Augment Zendesk’s powerful, service-centric CRM and ticket management system with CxEngage for a truly omnichannel customer experience.

Call Center App Store: Agent Interfaces and Services



Allow for structured queries on all of the data within the system through CxEngage’s API integration with Ivinex. Permissions are easy to set and security credentials follow modern authentication standards. Data delivery is currently done using XML, but a JSON version will be available soon.



Use Twilio Add-ons to enhance the voice and SMS channels for things like voicemail, transcription, getting the name associated with a phone number, and identifying carrier and number type for incoming SMS and voice.



Integrate CxEngage with AutoReach to bring a smart and automated dialer into your campaigns and outbound strategy. AutoReach gives contact center managers the ability to design a variety of workflow sequences. Use the Preview mode when your reps need substantive pre-call research and/or high autonomy over whom they reach out to. Use the Blended or Power modes to automatically dial through a contact list.



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