A Guide to Customer Service Technology for Local Authorities

UK Local Government Customer Service Technology

A Guide to Customer Service Technology for Local Authorities

The time to act is now

Despite playing a crucial role in people’s lives, local authorities encounter various challenges that hinder their ability to deliver efficient customer service, often resulting in long wait times and disjointed customer experiences.

Budget constraints for one are a significant hurdle to councils’ ability to invest in the latest customer service technologies.

For local authorities, investment in digitisation to transform operations is imperative to increasing efficiency while catering to the unique needs of all their constituents, including vulnerable customers who require a more personalised approach to customer service.

Customer service transformation across local government

It is important to understand that spend on technology is an investment, not a cost. It delivers greater efficiency and better service while enabling organisations to meet regulatory requirements.

This guide outlines how technology investment across customer service can enable local authorities to achieve their objectives to lower costs, strengthen public trust and increase efficiency.

Includes case studies from Nottingham City Council and Mayo County Council.

Transforming Local Government Customer Service Technology for the Digital Age

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