IVR Technology Simplified

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

IVR Technology Simplified

Always On Self-Service. Use IVR to minimize delays and maximize responsiveness.

Make the customer experience (CX) – their experience

Drive significant operational savings and simplify the customer experience while reducing Average Hold Time. Automate the initial customer engagement by implementing a call center IVR for the first point of contact with your organization.

Transforming your contact center into an IVR for handling basic information (locations, open hours, holiday closures, special offers, etc.) ensures that your skilled contact center agents can focus on more complex and higher-value interactions.

Our IVR solutions enable organizations to deploy their communication applications on a single, cost-effective platform. Whether you are a Small or Medium size business, a large-scale enterprise or a multi-national organization we can help to improve your self-service across any channel: from voice and video, SMS, and speech-enabled chatbots, to mobile IVR, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled capabilities.


The Advantages of Enghouse IVR Software and Cloud IVR Solutions


Always On. Always Available

Provide optimal customer experiences 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Enable customers to self-serve as simply and efficiently as possible.

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Minimize Costs

Achieve reductions of up to 90% for IVR calls versus agent-handled calls.

Reduces Customer Average Hold Time

On desktop or mobile device, reduce Average Hold Time (AHT) by 1-2 minutes.

Improves the Customer Experience (CX)

Provide the customer with control over their own experience.


Which solution is right for you?

Enghouse omni-channel self-service

Communications Portal IVR and Mobile IVR

A highly functional IVR offering Conversational AI call routing capabilities and text-to-speech support for Neural voices, AI-driven intent analysis to determine the optimal customer service route, regional translation services, and new Neural Voices.

VoicePort CircPort® IVR

With Conversational Intelligence (CI), customers simply speak and their call is routed to the appropriate person, department or escalated to a live-agent.

VoicePort Chatterbox™

This intuitive IVR routes customer calls to the appropriate destination using their device keypad.

Additional Capabilities

Outbound IVR

Keep customers informed with proactive outbound calls for better service, reduced inbound calls, and greater retention.

VoicePort AI-Powered Messaging for chat, SMS, email, social, web, and apps

Simplified and quick personalization that automates 40% or more of messages, and when an agent is needed, helps the agent be 3x more efficient.

VoicePort Add On Services

Inzichten en analyse


A business intelligence platform with actionable insights to drive better and faster decision-making. See details of CircPort® or Chatterbox™ IVR performance at-a-glance with dashboards or create your own reports and visualizations with no-code required.

PCI Compliant Payment Service

Make paying easy with secure credit card payments and updates in the IVR.


Personalize inbound calls and engage your audience by using the CircPort® IVR to integrate with multiple CRMs and data sources to identify customer attributes.


Deployment Choice

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment choices.

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Enghouse on-prem implementaties

Enghouse oplossingen

Audio branding

Audio branding

Ensure all customer touchpoints are professionally scripted and recorded in HD Audio to make sure they are as professional as possible. Over 30 languages are available. Meer...



Wordt gebruikt als een programma voor kwaliteitsbewaking van het callcenter om de prestaties van uw onderliggende applicaties en infrastructuur voortdurend te beoordelen. Meer...

Registratie en kwaliteitsbeheer

Opname en kwaliteitsbeheer

Bescherm uw klanten en uw organisatie met HD gespreksopname, indexering op trefwoorden, tijdstempels en encryptie. Kwaliteitsbeheer helpt bij het optimaliseren van de coaching, training en prestaties van agenten. Meer...

Beheer van enquêtes


Efficiënt en effectief "Voice of the Customer" feedback verzamelen via toonaangevende enquêtemogelijkheden. Verbeter het verzamelen en analyseren van gegevens over de klantreis om de AI te verbeteren. Meer...

Kunstmatige intelligentie

Kunstmatige intelligentie

Luister, begrijp en handel naar wat uw klanten zeggen. Optimaliseer processen, diensten en oplossingen op basis van echte input van klanten. Meer...



Zorg ervoor dat een agent of klant zo snel mogelijk de juiste informatie krijgt. Verbetert de selfservicemogelijkheden voor klanten en zorgt er tegelijkertijd voor dat de informatie wordt verstrekt in het formaat dat de klant verkiest. Meer...

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