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Presence Suite Provides:

  • Cost-Reduction
  • Increased Agent Productivity
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Shorter Average Handle Time
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Increased Outbound Campaign Revenue
  • Goal Alignment
  • Increased Contact Center Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • User-Driven Business Solution
  • Real-time Reporting
  • Reduced Agent Training Times
  • Changes on the Fly

Presence Suite Version 11:

Presence Suite version 11 enhances the customer experience thanks to its innovative features, such as the new omnichannel interactions viewer. This feature increases the agent efficiency enabling them to offer the best service experience possible. Other examples include Presence’s collaboration capabilities and the optimization of your contact center routing strategies.  These allow you to maximize the availability of useful information and to customize each customer interaction.

  • Deliver an effective customer engagement contact center experience: Offer omnichannel service to your customers and guarantee total satisfaction at all interaction points by maintaining the context of each client engagement regardless of the channel used.
  • Improve the results of outbound campaigns: Increase your productivity with Presence’s advanced dialing capabilities, and further enhance your results with the segmentation of outbound services by profile.
  • Add intelligence to the customer journey: Advanced evaluation tools allow the optimization of your intelligent routing strategies, ensuring your customer enjoys an uninterrupted and efficient user experience.
  • Enhance the agent experience: Tools that promote effective collaboration between agents and supervisors, with immediate support to improve their work and provide an optimum quality of service.
  • Provide effortless contact with your company: Benefit from automation and self-service capabilities through the communication channel preferred by your customers, reducing costs and optimizing resources.

Presence Suite Value Proposition:

  • Simplify operations: Flexible, fast and dynamic adaptation “on-the-fly” without stopping the production. (Very intuitive and easy-to-use administration & supervisory tools)
  • Cost reduction: Modular technology that is standard-based, scalable, easy and fast to deployment with low maintenance requirements, thereby reducing TCO and improving ROI. The innovative WebRTC technology and the Presence OpenGate architecture are two of the key elements making this possible!
  • Improving productivity (Agents & Services): Maximizes conversion rates, reduces average handle time, improves contact levels, controls abandon rates, limits the average call wait time, dialer precision (Presence Outbound Dialer) and optimizes the agent occupancy.
  • Increased efficiency: Through the use of unified agent toolbar application, minimum training is needed to become operative, reducing human errors.  Agent scripting (Presence Scripting) integration capacity with third-party business applications and the quality of real-time monitoring and historical reports.

Why Presence Suite?

Presence Suite is recognized for quality and flexibility to adapt to any size company and to all kinds of PBX platform requirements, connecting with any existing model or even a standalone model without PBX.


Presence Suite

Presence Suite has been developed and evolved for over 15 years by a team of professionals with an extensive experience in Contact Center operations. The customer-oriented attitude drove Presence to develop an all-in-one solution that adapts to the specific needs of each user, with an objective of solving the challenges experienced in any particular environment.

Enghouse Interactive

We are a leading provider of customer experience technology.  Our technology is designed to help businesses maximize the value of their customer interactions using any form of digital or voice communication, making customer experience teams more productive, leaving more time for proactive customer engagement. Our products include both cloud and premise-based solutions giving our customers the alternatives and flexibility they desire.

Learn how our suite of products have enabled over 10,000+ mid-market and enterprise customers globally increase customer retention and acquisition by improving customer service, contact centers operations and better understanding the voice of the customer.

"Not only does the outbound dialer adapt proactively to available dial slots by market segment, time zone and geography, supervisors can better define and adjust the rules and parameters guiding automated outbound dialing and agent actions to improve the right contact rate"

Presence Suite for Outsourcers