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Implementing a multimedia contact center solution does not need to be a complex and expensive project. Whether you require a simple phone support helpdesk or a sophisticated multimedia solution that can cope efficiently with large numbers of inbound and outbound contacts, by email, fax, web chat, SMS or phone, our Contact Center Solution has the flexibility to meet your business and budget requirements from as little as 10+ seats. Deployed by over 4000 organizations across the world, Communications Center is one of the most popular contact center solutions available today.

Enghouse Interactive’s Communications Center Version 10.0 is now available. To find out more about this new release and compare features to previous versions please visit the release highlights page.  

Release Highlights

A better way to look after your customers – at the right price

Improving customer loyalty could be as simple as implementing an omni-channel contact center solution. It might also be significantly cheaper than any other business initiative you’re considering.

You’ll make customers happier with less waiting, less frustration and less dissatisfaction, whether you have a simple phone support helpdesk or a sophisticated multi-channel call center. And your agents will have what they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.

To meet customer demands for service anytime, anywhere, anyhow, contact centers need the capabilities of a sophisticated omni-channel contact center but at a fraction of the cost.

Our business solution is a modular solution comprising multimedia contact center, attendant operator console, IVR, call recording, quality monitoring and a range of additional components and integration tools, so you can add functionality as requirements and budget dictate.

Our business solutions works on Avaya, Cisco, NEC and Microsoft.


  • Easy to use and implement
  • Answer more calls in less time, increasing productivity
  • Reduce agent attrition by providing the tools they need to achieve targets, reducing stress
  • Optimize staff resources through comprehensive reporting and automation
  • Achieve first contact resolution through intelligent routing to the most skilled agent
  • Improve customer satisfaction through real-time interaction monitoring and coaching
  • Offer customers their choice of communication method and ensure service is consistent across all channels, while giving agents variety
Enghouse Interactive Video testimonial. Sandy - Helly Hanson

See it in action

Hear from Helly Hansen to see our they are using their contact center with Microsoft Office 365 to connect their operations

The Enghouse Interactive solution is already enabling us to establish much greater control over the call management and call routing process. It has armed our customer service staff with a much greater understanding of the nature of calls. It’s already
beginning to streamline the whole call management process.

Helly Hansen

Respond to customers faster and easier – no matter how they contact you

Improving customer loyalty could be as simple as implementing a Multi-Channel Contact Center solution. It might also be significantly cheaper than any other business initiative you’re considering

If your call center isn’t equipped to efficiently manage email, chat, SMS and social media, your business is missing out on valuable opportunities. Customers love it when you can accommodate their preferred communication channel.

Our business solution Multimedia Queuing lets you route, manage and measure all types of contacts using one workflow engine. Functionality that was previously only available for phone calls, such as skills-based routing and real-time reporting, can be applied to popular new media such as chat and social media.

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Increase first call resolution, lower abandonment rates, boost revenue and make your call center a happier place. World-class customer service begins with our Workflow Engine.

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Turn your contact center into a profit center. Agents can ‘click to dial’ during off-peak call periods and reach out to your customers. Outbound calls can lift sales, promote special offers and check up on customer satisfaction.

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Get the insight you need to lift service standards and make your resources go further. Using out-of-the box and customized reports you can understand and optimize customer service center performance.

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Whether you have an Avaya, Cisco, NEC or Microsoft Lync voice platform, our solutions allows you to mitigate risk and provides you with the freedom to chose the platform that’s right for you, without having to give up full-featured contact center functionality.

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Top Tips for a Connected Enterprise

For many companies, the potential benefits outweigh the perceived risks, especially as Microsoft Office 365 can be the catalyst that helps make the connected enterprise a reality. So how can businesses start to put in place the building blocks of the connected enterprise? Here are our top tips:

  • Connect your business so that everyone is part of the customer service offering
  • Learn from successful implementations
  • Assess the different migration paths and choose the one that’s right for you
  • Make sure you are using Microsoft Office 365 within your skills-based routing engine
  • Create an effortless experience
  • Communicate with your customers and keep them informed
  • Build in actionable intelligence to your connected business
  • Collaborate to connect your enterprise.
Enghouse interactive -Connected Enterprise

Our whitepaper outlines some of the top tips to avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the opportunities of a connected enterprise.

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