Outbound Communicator

For many businesses, proactive outbound customer communication is a key factor for success. Automated management of outbound calling campaigns provides a powerful tool for streamlining those critical, high volume business processes. With an advanced solution for outbound communications, organizations can grow and strengthen their customer relationships and uncover new sales opportunities – turning every customer conversation into a fruitful one.

Dynamic Campaign Management – Predictive Dialer & Other Communication Solutions

Enghouse Interactive’s Outbound Communicator offers fully compliant predictive dialer technology delivering high performance, extraordinary flexibility and user-friendly operation for dynamic outbound campaigns. Businesses can design and configure their outbound communication processes more efficiently from day one with a solution that integrates seamlessly into their existing work environments. Intuitive and clearly structured, the software allows users to quickly set up and implement tailored outbound campaigns without extensive programming skills, and complete them successfully while making the most efficient use of available resources, saving time and costs.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of outbound calls typically fail to connect to the right party, resulting in a significant amount of wasted time and effort in the outbound communications process. So, if businesses can use technology to get their outbound strategy right, there are huge potential benefits to be had in terms of time and cost savings and enhanced operational efficiencies.


  • Increase your productivity – Agent productivity could be increased by as much as 200%. Your agents spend less time dialing, and more time speaking.
  • Be compliant – Variable limits provide compliance with all national and international regulatory rules including OFCOM
  • Delivers a high level of accuracy with an award winning answer machine detection
  • Allows you to flexibly implement complex communication processes and events into your customer communications
  • Increase profitability – Short set-up time for new campaigns giving you lower costs and greater flexibility. This gives agents more time to call and make money!
Enghouse Interactive Video testimonial. B Hutchinson - Debt Masters Direct

Debt Masters Direct increase productivity by 200%

Teleperformance is now able to move agents between project locations independently, which has leaded to better utilization of the local dialers and reduced telecommunication costs. Additionally, the solution can now be scaled more easily to other sites as required.


Enghouse Interactive Outbound Communicator

Outbound Communicator can deliver; enhanced agent productivity, lower costs by streamlining campaign management and providing full compliance and increased levels of security.

Outbound Communicator combines ISDN-D-Channel detection and in-band Call Progress Analysis (CPA) to achieve a high accuracy. This award-winning technology makes our Answer Machine Detection the market leader.

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A list of phone numbers is maintained directly within the dialer and prevents calls to contacts that must not be called, even if the data slipped accidentally into the CRM database.

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Our Outbound solution allows you to monitor your agents in real time. View an agent’s status, the direction of their call, the status duration, even send them a message! You can even run live reports within the monitoring screen.

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User-provided Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) at campaign-level or even at contact list level the Predictive Dialler can ensure the correct phone number is presented as the calling party.

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Variable limits provide compliance with all national and international regulatory rules. These can be set per campaign to allow for international campaigns.

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Outbound Communicator is able to run any number of campaigns at the same time, each of them individually configured to meet the specific requirements of the campaign.

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