Host-Based Media Processing Software

PowerMedia Host Media Processing (HMP)

Host-Based Media Processing Software

Field-proven, high-performance Powermedia Host Media Processing for legacy Dialogic APIs

Sophisticated. Flexible. Powerful. Scalable.

Media processing minimizing development time

PowerMedia® HMP software provides media services and functionality for building flexible, scalable, and cost-effective next-generation media servers and converged telephony applications.

PowerMedia HMP is ideal for building innovative VoIP solutions and minimizing project development costs and timelines. It supports a wide range of voice codecs which makes it well suited for creating HD Voice solutions including messaging, interactive voice response (IVR), and conferencing. PowerMedia HMP simplifies the migration for existing Dialogic hardware-based applications via the ongoing support of Dialogic R4 and GlobalCall interfaces.

Features and Benefits

Top Benefits of Host Media Processing (HMP) Solutions

Field Proven, Highly Reliable, Industry Standard

Extensive reliability and interoperability with IP equipment.

Simplified Solution Migration

Facilitates migration of existing applications via Dialogic Global Call and R4 Media APIs.


Secured Media

Enables security, including SRTP at the media layer, and TLS at the signaling layer.

High Throughput

Real-time processing capabilities, providing high-density and cost-effective IP solutions able to run thousands of concurrent sessions.

Integrate with a Wide Range of Technologies

Extensive codec support, enabling advanced voice applications on IP endpoints and networks.

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Powermedia Host Media Processing
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