Practical AI solutions to drive smarter CX.


Practical AI solutions to drive smarter CX.

Boost your agent performance to improve your customer engagement while extracting actionable insights from all conversations.

Artificial Intelligence is now widely recognized as the new transformative force across all industries, especially in the increasingly critical and dynamic Customer Experience space.

At Enghouse, our strength has always been in strategically leveraging technology that will have real business benefits for our customers. Our EnghouseAI solution set is no different.

EnghouseAI from Enghouse focuses on two pivotal areas in CX: agent performance and data-driven insights – turning your team into super-agents and your managers into visionaries.

Agent Productivity


Improve agent efficiency by automatically summarizing conversations, identifying next actions

Knowledge Agents

Virtual agents utilizing your business’ website as the source of answers to your customers’ questions, on any channel

Knowledge management


Proactively provides agents with personalized answers and guidance

Process Agents

Use dialog to automate business processes with more human like responses from your virtual agents


Provide real-time agent guidance to improve the customer experience

Automatic Translations

Real-time language translation, allowing agents to respond naturally in chats, using the customer’s language of choice


Agent Evaluation

Automatically analyze up to 100% of agent interactions and provide objective assessments

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Customer Insights

Mine your valuable customer interactions, uncovering the potential to make improvements to your business​

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Why EnghouseAI?

Super-charge Agent Productivity

By automating routine tasks, providing real-time assistance, and enabling personalized customer interactions, EnghouseAI redefines efficiency, not only elevating customer satisfaction but also fortifying your bottom line.

Improve your CX with Actionable Insights

Our vision extends beyond the frontlines: with Enghouse, your contact center’s data evolves from an underutilized asset into a genuine treasure trove of actionable insights, transforming every customer interaction into a learning opportunity both inside and beyond the contact center, enriching every facet of your operation.

Why Choose Enghouse CX Solutions?

We believe in strong partnerships that enable amazing customer experience


We deliver on our commitments, on time/on budget.  Our 35+ years history of profitability and financial viability ensures that we’ll be around to support customers in the future.


Customer needs are never static, we meet these needs with flexibility, offering deployment modalities customers, want cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Ease of Business

We resolve customer issues instead of creating them.  We’re comitted to unmatched responsiveness, operational flexibility, agility and timeliness.


We have over 35 years of Contact Center Experience.  Member of elite Microsoft Technology Adoption Program (TAD) for 13+ years.

Cost for value

Value For Money

We consistently ensure that we “Do the Right Thing” to maximize customer value.

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