Web Support Forum Software

Equip your site with powerful forums management tools for delivering exceptional customer support. Enghouse Support Forum solutions are full of useful features that make running a thriving community forum extremely easy.

Realize the Value of Shared Knowledge

Don’t let knowledge get trapped in emails.

New knowledge is always being created as customer issues are resolved. Share valuable answers in the community forum and eliminate support case redundancies.

Empower your customers by letting them share experiences, ideas and advice.

A community forum creates a trusted resource for cost-effective peer-to-peer support. In the process, the customers’ contributions turn them into community experts and generate reusable content for your knowledge base.

Grow your knowledge base with a community forum.

Forums help you grow and improve your knowledge repository. Include forum posts in your knowledge base search or search independently. Alternatively, add the forum post to your knowledge base articles.

Community forums provide valuable insight into changing customer needs.

Rely on Enghouse support forum systems for immediate feedback about products, services, and how your company is perceived.

Intuitive and Highly Customizable

User-friendly interface.

Enghouse utilizes an intuitive discussion board design intertwined with cutting-edge tools and features, providing an outstanding overall user experience.

Speedy replying and editing.

A quick reply form is available at the end of every topic page, making it incredibly easy for users to jump in into forum discussion. Visitors can change the way they view and reply to discussions, markup their posts, and choose the method of contact.

Incredible design flexibility.

Fully customizable appearance allows you to brand your community forum with almost limitless freedom.

Personalized Profiles

Forum users can customize their experience, from including images or links in a forum post to adding avatars to their user profiles.