Call, screen and interaction recording

Enghouse Interactive Call Recording is an affordable, feature-rich call recording and quality monitoring solution that is utilized by businesses of all sizes across the world for compliance, security and improving service levels. Designed to be easy to use and fast to deploy, the solution is neither expensive nor complex making it the perfect choice whatever your requirements.

As a modular ‘pay-for-what-you-need’ system, you can add licenses, screen recording or agent evaluation modules when the time is right for you.

Assuring PCI Compliance

Our solutions are designed to help reduce credit card fraud and increase controls around cardholder data, companies handling sensitive information must demonstrate a secure information network, maintain information security policies, and implement strong access control measures.

Enghouse Interactive Call Recording software includes features that enable companies to secure call recording files and meet related PCI standards, protecting your business and giving customers trust in your operations.


  • Achieve regulatory compliance by documenting calls while securing and maintaining records
  • Ensure high quality customer interactions with live monitoring and quality monitoring programs
  • Improve customer experience by sharing recordings and feedback across the organization
  • Secure sensitive customer information by allowing employees to pause recordings
  • Resolve customer disputes quickly with recorded evidence
  • Access recording from anywhere and distribute across the business to work on improvements

“We chose the quality monitoring suite from Enghouse Interactive because it is flexible, scalable and provides a complete solution for protection, compliance and quality, to ensure we deliver exceptional service to our customers”

Fife County Council

Enghouse Interactive Call / Screen Recording

The first stage of the quality monitoring process is effective capture of agent activities for evaluation. This consist of both call recording and screen capture, enabling organizations to record what is being said on the telephone as well as capturing activity on the agent’s desktop.

Have a real time view of user status, monitor their calls live and have multiple recording options. Administrators can elect to record interactions on-demand, full-time, or using triggers like DNIS and caller ID information.

As a scalable solution, multi-site installations can be managed from any location using a simple web-based user interface. It can be installed within hours and you can begin recording calls immediately.

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Capture the entire interaction—telephone and computer activities, enables you to ensure consistent and correct use of business systems, identify training opportunities, and remove barriers to employee productivity.
Administrators can set recording profiles to suit their business needs; from recording computer activity throughout the day to recording screen activities exclusively when users are on the telephone.

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