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Optimize Collaboration Capabilities Across the Organization

Unified Communications delivers the range of communications and collaboration capabilities your organization needs to provide the customer experience (CX) that your customers demand and expect.

Increasingly, customer-focused organizations have been replacing their PBX’s with Unified Communications solutions – either in the cloud, deployed in their own or 3rd party provided hosted environments, or on a hybrid basis – to benefit from the advanced capabilities and operational flexibility these solutions provide, while also future-proofing the organization.

Recent independent analyst research has shown that more that 72% of small and mid-size organizations have the highest frequency of CC+UC integration, of which more than 62% have done so using the same provider for both.

Unified Communication (UC) or Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) – the choice is yours.

Fully Secured UC

Centrally deployed, managed, and optimized secure Unified Communications. Collaborate with peace-of-mind.

Seamless Integration of Unified Communications with Contact Centers

Benefit from the co-development of Enghouse Interactive Unified Communications and Contact Center applications to optimize your organization’s Customer Experience (CX) capabilities quickly and easily. The convergence of UC and contact center capabilities simplifies all customer workflows, regardless of the entry point, and helps to manage conversations effectively.

UCaaS for Chat, Video, and Telephony

Enghouse Connect is a single UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) application for chat, video, and telephony that offers an elegant user experience for threaded, persistent chat and robust video collaboration.

Future Proof Your Business

With Enghouse Connect as your communication backbone, you will be able to leverage the leading technology in video communication to implement a highly customizable UCaaS solution that will enable efficient collaborations within your teams.

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Standalone or Integrated Choices

Also available as a standalone Enghouse Connect solution that can be integrated with a wide range of 3rd-party Contact Center platforms or other standalone applications

Enhanced Scalability & Increased Resilience

Enghouse Connect is built using microservices architecture, delivering a faster time to market, enhanced scalability, and increased resilience through component isolation. From private cloud, multi-tenant cloud, to true on-premises, and hybrid, the unmatched deployment choices allow customers to choose the architecture that compliments their business model.

Versatile, Flexible and Easy-to-Use

Enghouse Connect’s API approach works with leading automation applications connecting thousands of apps into workflows, opening new revenue streams, and making Enghouse Connect more versatile, flexible, and easy to use. Customers can leverage existing carriers and mix and match different carriers for different routes.

The Advantages Of Enghouse's UC Solution
Accessible on any device
Access from Anywhere
Works with any web-browser on any device
Embrace Evolution
Benefit from ongoing UC innovations, take advantage of new features and functionality as released
Flexible architecture
Leverage Any Telecoms Provider
Integrate with any SIP provider, leverage operation flexibility locally or globally
Features and Benefits
Top 7 Benefits to Integrate Enghouse Connect with Your Contact Center
Engage with Chat
Threaded, persistent, and contextual chat, includes private 1:1 or group conversations, file share and transfer with both external users, or guests.
Video collaboration
Collaborated on Video
Enables face-to-face multiparty interactions in a robust and resilient environment. Optimized for mobile, includes “share-your-screen” functionality.
Flexible architecture
Enhance as Needed
Flexible architecture facilitates integration of industry-leading, 3rd-party-applications, improving staff and contact-center workflows increasing its versatility and utility.
White-Label Enghouse Connect
Enghouse Connect offers a comprehensive and easily integrated unified communications capability that can be white-labeled to boost your own application’s capabilities and extend more value to your customers. Customers have the option to change the logo, color schema, icons, and app name, getting a branded UC app at a fraction of the time it would take to develop one.
Deployment options
Fast-Track Deployments
The microservices architecture, accelerates implementations, facilitates scalability and increases resilience through component isolation. Enables automation and IOT via public API’s.
Deployment Choices
Designed to offer customers the flexibility they need to run their businesses their way: private cloud, multi-tenant cloud, to true on-premise, or hybrid.
Intuitive interface
Accessible as Required
Ensures that customers can distribute services across digital channels, devices, and interfaces, as preferred by each user.
Call center employee on phone
Deployment Options

Enghouse Interactive solutions offer multiple deployment options

Enghouse Collateral
AI, Teams UC & Video
Testimonials and Case Studies

Help Your Customers Help Themselves. Quickly. Easily. Efficiently. Effectively.

Written Testimonials
North America

“I am more than happy to provide a testimonial on behalf of Enghouse relating to their operational and customer service. In early 2018, we changed our payroll software (to Ultipro) and researched telephone punch in/out systems. Enghouse provided a proposal and subsequently worked closely to accommodate our phone tree requests to assist our employees in clocking in/out.

In the early stages, our phone tree requests tended to be long-winded which caused higher phone charges. Enghouse again worked with us to shorten-our messages resulting in significant savings to us.

When Covid struck in the first quarter of 2020, once again Enghouse came to our rescue in 2 ways:

  1. We expanded our phone tree to allow employees to notify us if they were feeling unwell or were concerned as to the wellness of others. This was complicated as the notification needed to be sent via email to the employees next direct report. Enghouse worked diligently with us to accomplish this task.
  2. Being in the hospitality business (providing valets for hotels), our workforce was gutted as our clients shutdown valet operations. Enghouse, once again, worked to find us a plan which allowed us to pay a fair price for actual minutes used.

From our employees to our IT department to the CEO, we have appreciated Enghouse’s dedication to Ace Parking’s needs – and how quickly they’ve worked with us to satisfy our requests both operational and monetarily.

The word partnership is bandied about whether it exists or not; however, I truly feel that Enghouse is our partner – they’ve had our back through thick and thin and we intend to remain a customer for the long haul.

I am grateful for Enghouse’s assistance and would be happy to talk with you if you have any questions.”

Ross Seibert CFO ACE Parking
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