Powerful software & services enabling user-friendly web, phone, and IVR data collection to quickly extract comprehensive customer insights

Gerenciamento de pesquisas

Powerful software & services enabling user-friendly web, phone, and IVR data collection to quickly extract comprehensive customer insights

Multi-mode survey management platform that enables customer insights and market research professionals, call center managers, and opinion pollsters to collect, manage and understand their high-quality data, efficiently and effectively.

Reach respondents based on how they choose to engage

Decision makers need solutions that provide rapid, accurate, sharp insights. When architecting a research project, a researcher must not only design a survey and identify an audience but also determine how best to collect opinions and feedback from their targeted group.
Our solutions enable insights managers, market researchers, pollsters, and call center managers to reach customers, employees, and constituents through multi-channel touchpoints.

The platform enables operations across a mix of data collection modes, including phone (CATI), online (WAPI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), mobile, and heterogeneous vendor solutions. This helps to complete projects within the shortest time and cost-effectively using the fewest sample records available.

Our user-friendly Multi-Mode Platform streamlines data collection from targeted respondents, reduces costs, and simplifies data processing and analysis.

With the variety of options available at their fingertips, researchers can design data collection strategies that bridge diverse modalities, organizations, and vendors, regardless of existing in-house capabilities. Designing data collection strategies to best fit the needs of the research being conducted, has never been easier or more flexible!

Surveys help organizations understand

Advanced Multi-Mode Software to Optimize Survey Data Collection (CATI, IVR, online)

Optimize your research call center operations with powerful and user-friendly tools to conduct surveys across channels to satisfy every client’s requirement. The software lets you collect and seamlessly integrate responses from CATI, IVR and online surveys into a single, consolidated data set. Benefit from the flexibility to create research projects and concepts of any complexity while using Max Diff, Conjoint and Cross-Tabulation functionalities.

Polling & Opinion Research

Decision-makers and pollsters must collect diverse demographic data when assessing and determining strategies on matters impacting public policy and running for elected office. We provide multi-mode survey options designed to broaden the range of respondents and deliver highly accurate in the shortest time possible to help pollsters win the elections.

Understanding of Your Customers’ Experience

Voice-based customer experience and market research data collection enables precise targeting, while simplifying the distillation of quantitative and qualitative insights from conversational responses.

During an ongoing conversation, you can personalize questions for each audience member, in real-time, using their information from your customer relationship management (CRM) and point-of-sale (POS) systems to extract actionable and relevant insights needed to optimize the customer journey.

Filling out survey on mobile device
Survey Management gathering data

Capture the True Voice of the Customer

Listening to customers is one of the primary goals of a Customer Experience program. Using automated voice interviews, you can gather and assess customer opinions while also ensuring efficient and cost-effective data collection. Our platform lets you automate the collection of comprehensive feedback across multiple modes and across various touchpoints in the customer journey to identify opportunities for process and product improvements, agent skills development, partner management, and much more. By using an omni-channel approach, you can deliver superior insights than relying on written responses alone.

Voice Analytics for Enterprises

Voice remains the easiest and fastest methodology to gather data, its quicker than typing. Verbal responses also minimizes the number of questions needed to gather enough data to achieve the research objectives. Free-form, conversational responses using the customer’s own words will typically provide more complete information. Our voice analysis uses dynamic natural language processing and real-time insight analysis yields a more complete understanding of respondents’ true intent faster.

Contact us to earn how we can help you better understand your customers with the insight needed to transform your business.

Recursos e benefícios

Top 10 Benefits of Enghouse Interactive’s Survey Management Solution

Easily Develop and Deploy Multi-mode Surveys

Combine Web, CATI, and IVR-based modes as required to address any unique survey need. Facilitate survey development by using mode-specific logic, relevant prompt text, and corresponding response options. Multi-mode data is consolidated into a single file.

Sample and Survey Program Management

Simplify multimode survey implementations with automatic time-zone management and weighting, including calling pattern optimization using time-of-day segmentation, while respecting call-attempt rules (ensures adherence to local, regional, or national regulatory requirements).

Simplified Survey Design

Highly flexible program templates easily accommodate customized themes and unique branding requirements.

Supervisory Tools

In real-time obtain detailed metrics regarding interviewer productivity, call metrics, and call sample usage to track in-progress surveys. Adjust calling rules and market-specific objectives as required to ensure demographic or psychographic weightings are properly respected.

Centralized Operations

Leverage centralized management capabilities across distributed operations – globally, multi-site or single local site with national coverage.

Easy to Use

Combining intuitive data gathering, skilled data analysis, and clear reporting provides useable insights to drive better customer experiences.


From a single campaign deployment to running multiple campaigns simultaneously or continuously, without the need for specialized infrastructure or analytically skilled resources.

Comunicação e colaboração unificadas

Engage Customers Wherever They Are / However They Prefer

Easily run surveys online, over the phone, via SMS, or on paper.

Integrate with any PBX, UC, UCaaS or CC, CCaaS Solution

Highly reliable software solution and service-based approach, ensure that data collection capabilities can integrate with the organization’s infrastructure.


Optimal Blend of Technology and Services

Leverage 30+ years of knowledge, experience, and expertise along the Survox platform to run ad hoc surveys, or on an ongoing basis.

Gerenciamento de pesquisas

Key Features and Functionalities

Survey Solutions

  • Web Surveys
  • Mobile Ready Surveys
  • Post-Transaction Services
  • Email Invitation Services
  • In-Language Survey Services

Integrations Solutions

Pull Integrations
  • Customer CRM Data
  • Transactional Data
  • Automated Feeds

Project Design

Tracker Studies
  • Workflow Automation
  • Advanced Sampling Rules
  • Enterprise System Integrations
  • Process Monitoring, Notification, and Self-Correction Design

  • Inbound with an 800 Number
  • Outbound
  • Post-Call and Post-Transaction Services
  • Open-End Recordings
  • Call Center Transfer to Survey

Push Integrations
  • Send Automated Data Feeds
  • Control Data Cadence
  • Send “Hot Alerts” to the Client
  • 3rd Party Integrations

Qualitative Hybrid
  • CLT Plus Recruitment Design

Advanced Solutions

  • Obfuscate Customer Personal Data
  • Message Personalization
  • Text-to-Voice
  • Custom Question Engineering

Data Processing

  • Dynamic Dashboards
  • Cross Tabulations
  • Data reformatting and recoding
  • Max Diff
  • Conjoint

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