Improving the Customer Experience at every touchpoint

Enghouse CX Suite

Improving the Customer Experience at every touchpoint

An integrated suite of solutions that enables you to deliver a great Customer Experience (CX) on whatever channel your customers prefer. Enable all employees to contribute to improving the customer experience with seamless, real-time access to subject matter experts via unified communications. Leverage IoT technology to identify and resolve potential issues before they even occur.

Enghouse CX Suite integrates three solutions

Enghouse CCaaS

Enghouse CCaaS is a flexible cloud-based contact center that enables organizations to interact with customers through multiple channels, offers advanced AI for improving every interaction, and more.

Enghouse Connect

Enghouse Connect adds unified communications (UC) and enables you to connect the right person for every customer interaction. It connects all your employees to elevate the customer experience.

Enghouse IoT

Enghouse Internet of Things Processor enables you to go beyond human interactions by connecting devices. IoT can help not only help you collect information from your customers, but prevent problems from happening.

Empower your team with the tools to provide a great Customer Experience

Research from analysts Metrigy shows that combining Unified Communications (UC) and the Contact Center leads to a 5% increase in customer satisfaction, 18% reduction in operational costs, and 6% growth in revenue. Add in IoT, AI, and more from Enghouse, and you get a one-stop shop for all your CX needs.

Top 8 Benefits of Enghouse CX Suite

Interactive Digital

Connect everyone

Connect experts and colleagues for real time insights, and faster resolution for customers.

Optimize CX

Improve CX

Blend omni-channel, predictive analytics, AI, and IoT to more proactively service customers.


Connect with customers across multiple channels to improve their experience and aid retention.

Reduce calls

Proactively contact customers about problems and updates using features such as predictive analytics and IoT.

Real-time data

AI assists interactions to improve the experience. Data from IoT devices will also reduce issue resolution times.

reduce costs

Cut costs

Reduce costs by increasing automation, using AI, efficient knowledge management during interactions, and more.

Increase revenue

Gain more from customers by understanding their behavior and proactively offering services.

Faster call resolution

Automate responses and empower your team to focus on more complex needs and personalization.

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