Proactive Customer Engagement

Waiting for your customers to contact you is unproductive, unpredictable and creates issues with managing resources through peaks and troughs of traffic.

Enghouse Interactive offers options to productively keep customers informed using proactive outbound and campaign management, which delivers high performance, extraordinary flexibility and lets you design your communications processes to improve efficiencies.

Be Proactive, not Reactive

Typically the relationship with your customers involves a series of events over time. Some of these events are customer driven, such as new purchases or requests for support. These events, in turn, initiate processes in your organization. Some of these events are unpredictable but many are not: it is the predictable events that provide the opportunity for you to be proactive in your customer engagement.

So how are successful businesses being proactive? Here are some top tips to keep you on the front foot.

  • Focus on keeping the customer informed at all times
  • Offer proactive engagement to complement self-service
  • Use speech analytics to proactively maintain a professional service
  • Remember – being proactive is not only about your customers; maximize operational productivity

Getting on the Front Foot with Proactive Customer Service

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It’s one thing wanting to get in shape, it’s quite another taking the proactive steps to make it happen. The same principle applies to customer service. Many businesses believe proactive customer service will be too expensive, but just like keeping physically fit, if you put more effort in, you get better results.

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We act fast whenever there is a spike in customer demand such as benefit payments, school admissions, council tax renewals etc. that prompts increased traffic to the call center. Using technology to quickly bring additional agents online or add announcements to inform those in the queue can significantly reduce the impact of a crisis or particularly busy period in the contact center.

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Enghouse Interactive Proactive Solutions

Enghouse Interactive solutions allow you to stay one step ahead of your customers. Pre-empting their needs ensures high quality service and low customer effort, leading to more satisfied, loyal and profitable customers.

Effectively managing the balance between understaffing and overstaffing can dramatically eliminate agent downtime and improve efficiency. Agent productivity could be increased by as much as 200% using advanced dialing algorithms; meaning agents will spend less time dialing, and more time calling and speaking to customers.

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Enghouse Interactive’s solutions can intercept incoming interactions, predicting the most likely reason for the contact and responding accordingly. For example, a customer with an existing service request, who calls into to the contact center, can be intercepted with a message asking if they are calling for an update on their issue. If they are, then the update can be provided automatically by the IVR, playing them an automated message and avoiding the need for the customer to speak to an advisor.

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Make use of the latest voice recording and speech analytics technology to proactively track interactions between customer service agents and customers, stepping in where necessary to ensure a professional approach is maintained. Use insights gained from the monitoring process to provide feedback to agents and for training purposes.

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Customers on the web, wavering over a potential purchase, can be offered a chat or call back to assist with that final buying decision.[close space]If they are in the queue, offer a call back so they can be contacted at a time that is convenient for them, significantly improving your closure rates.

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