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 Do you really hear the voice of your customers? 

Learn How to Leverage Quality Data for Improvements in Agent Performance and Customer Experience. 



In this Webinar, you’ll…  

  • Learn how to save time and money with automated Monitoring and Evaluations 
  • Discover consistent tangible ways to measure agent performance 
  • Find out how to streamline agent training and increase retention  
  • Understand how to ensure agents meet compliance guidelines  
  • Get tips on ways quality monitoring can empower and motivate your team  

  We also discuss the latest advancements in Quality Management Technologies such as:  

  • AI Powered Speech Analytics  
  • Voice to Text Transcription 
  • Real-time Alerts Based on Speech Analytics  
  • Unified Reporting  
  • Non- Voice Interaction Management  


About Your Presenter

John Cray, VP of Product Management

John is Enghouse Interactive’s VP of Product Management. He is for defining the global strategy and release plans for Enghouse contact center products. John has over 25 years of firsthand experience developing and delivering contact center and CRM solutions, and has published articles and papers on topics ranging from the future of contact centers and customer service to optimizing operating system security. He is currently based in Chicago and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Notre Dame and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois. 

Leverage Quality Data for Improvements in Agent Performance and Customer Experience. 

Easy to use tools like call recording and real-time speech analytics can help your organization streamline agent evaluation, customer satisfaction assessments and agent training while ensuring your customers receive a consistently positive experience.