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Webinar: Do you really hear the voice of your customers? 

Learn How to Leverage Quality Data for Improvements in Agent Performance and Customer Experience. 

Easy to use tools like call recording and real-time speech analytics can help your organization streamline agent evaluation, customer satisfaction assessments and agent training while ensuring your customers receive a consistently positive experience.  

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We are the world’s most reliable contact center technology provider. Our global brand is built on our track-record of consistently honoring our commitments – to our customers, our staff and our shareholders.  

Enghouse Interactive, a subsidiary of Enghouse Systems Limited (TSX: ENHG), is a leading global provider of contact center software and service solutions that deliver enhanced customer service and transform the contact center from a cost center into a powerful growth engine. Our Practices and Solutions enable businesses to leverage meaningful, daily customer interactions to extract key insights used to deepen customer loyalty and uncover new opportunities to add value, profitably.  

Supporting over 10,000 customers, in 120+ countries, Enghouse Interactive works within any local regulatory environment and supports any telephony technology, whether deployed on premises or in the Cloud, ensuring that our customers can be reached by their customers – anytime, anywhere, and via any channel.

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