Interact with your customers swiftly and efficiently


Interact with your customers swiftly and efficiently

Flexible and cost-effective, Trio provides the best possible customer experience.

The requirements of customers and the market in terms of accessibility and ways to communicate are constantly shifting. The rapid pace of change puts great challenges on the organizations’ ability to meet expectations for speed and agility. Succeeding in the competitive environment that exists today requires flexible and cost-effective communication solutions that guarantee persistently high accessibility and service – solutions that always put the customer first.

Trio helps you interact with your customers swiftly and efficiently, independent of communication channels. Trio can be linked to many communication platforms and integrated with CRM systems, calendar systems and presence systems. Trio is used chiefly by operators and agents, whose main focus is to provide the best possible customer experience.


A future-proof contact center that can grow with your business and support multiple contact center operations on a single application while consistently delivering a high-quality experience.

Contact Center

Inbound/Outbound Voice

Nothing tops talking to a skilled agent. Optimize your voice channel for an exceptional customer experience.

email management software

Email Management

Boost response times, improve accuracy, add a personal touch to help provide outstanding email customer service.

Social Media

Embrace social media customer service, identify and address issues proactively to safeguard your brand reputation.

Web Chat

Bolster customer service for your website visitors and step in to help them when they need it most.

Video Chat

Infuse a personal touch to nurture relationships, foster trust, and deliver better outcomes more quickly.

Messaging and SMS

Optimize customer interaction by embracing the messaging apps they enjoy using every day.

Advantages of Trio

Operator and Agent In One

Simple and easy to cooperate across different departments, where all the information is available in one single client.

Platform Independent

The system can be linked to most communication platforms and integrated with CRM systems, calendar systems and presence systems. It provides a cost-effective solution where you can retain the application, even if you replace infrastructure in the future.

Free Seating

Allows employees to work whatever their location, at the office or remotely.

workforce management

Remote Listen In and Coaching

As a supervisor you can remotely support your agents, by listen in to their call, and coach them through the dialog.

True Omnichannel Delivery

Supports Multiple Channels

Trio is a multichannel contact center that handles phone calls, email, online chat/co browse, SMS, voicemail messages, social media, and video. Regardless of your customer’s preferred contact method, your agents can use Trio to handle cases efficiently and consistently.

Optimize CX

Customer Focus – Attendant & Agent In On

Trio is a contact center platform that provides both attendants and agents with access to all information in a single system, enabling cooperation between different departments within the organization.

Improved Service with Skills-based Routing

Uses skills-based routing to ensure that all incoming customer communication is assigned to the most appropriate resource for handling the case within the company. Trio has various tools for routing customers to the right skill, human or automated. These tools are based on the number dialed, customer number, IVR keystrokes, keywords in text-based channels, etc.

Features of Trio

Trio Agent Web Desktop and Mobile

The web-based interface gives you access to the system simply via a web browser, just type in your credentials and off you go, with single sign on it becomes even easier. With Trio Agent Web you will be up and running in just a few seconds and it comes with a built-in phone minimizing the need for external devices minimizing the costs to answer calls.


CRM Integration

Interaction with CRM System MS Dynamics CRM and MS Dynamics 365 provide a more personalized and efficient customer service. Trio identifies the customers and uses CRM data to handle the task correctly. Trio sends the case to the queue and to the agent who has handled the case before. The CRM system is automatically updated with CC activities.

Agent Apps: Trio Agent & Trio CC

Increasing agents´ mobility. Trio Agent is included in the phone agent and within the app you can manage basic configurations and calls. Trio CC is included in the Mobile Agent and has several functions from Enterprise Agent Client.


Simplified Web Administration

Trio has a web-based administration tool. It simplifies the work with the company directory so you can quickly and easily change names, titles and add new information about employees, competence or similar.

Video in the Contact Center

Video communication is clearer than voice or text alone as it allows people to see body language and facial expressions. Using video in the contact center means you can solve a customer’s enquiry quicker as they can explain via real time video conversation enabling the agent to deal with the task quickly and easily.

Recording and Quality Management


Trio offers an advanced application for recording and quality assurance. It can include interaction recording and live monitoring of calls, desktop recording as well as scoring and agent coaching for contact centers. It is possible to ask for consent to record a call.

Social Media Integration

Trio has integration with Facebook and X, and monitors both messages as well as posts.

Co-browse and Screen Share 

Self-service Opportunities

Trio allows you to set up menu options using IVR (keystrokes or voice commands) to be guided smoothly and quickly through the organization. Interactive voice responses (IVR) are created via Trio Interaction Studio, which contains an advanced tool for setting up call distribution and queue rules.

Statistics and Reporting Tools

Trio offers advanced statistical capabilities to increase the quality and productivity of the service. Reports can be scheduled and mailed to the responsible person. If you are using IVRs in your Trio system, there is a report to see which key choices are selected.

Integration with Calabrio Workforce Management

Ensure your agents’ activity and status follow your plan in real-time. IT is essential for team leaders to be able to control and distribute resources easily.  With the right platform you can follow how the agents are working and make necessary adjustments to the plan. Trio support for Calabrio RTA connection enables real-time tracking of agent activity and status.

Integration with Presence Systems

Trio can be integrated with several different presence systems, such as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Unified Presence Client and status updates are visible to the agent in Trio.

workforce management

Easy Access to Calendar

With Trio calendar connection, you just need to schedule your meetings in the calendar and the phone closes and opens automatically according to the calendar booking. Trio integrates both with the most common calendar systems and cloud-based calendar systems.

Voiced Controlled Automatic Attendant

Trio Auto Attendant is an automatic operator that makes it possible for the incoming caller to get hold of the person quickly and simply they want without having to call via a traditional operator. The automatic answering service is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Insights and Analytics


Visitlog is a visitor management system that helps you reduce the workload at the reception and make it easier for visitors. Help customers gain control over visits, visitors, spaces for meetings, parking permits and track visitor history, and visitors during the day.

Chatbot Integration

Using chatbots is the new norm for customer centers. Chatbots allow employees to focus on more important and advanced questions, while chatbots can answer simpler and more general ones. Chatbots do not only come with advantages for agents, they are popular among customers/ visitors, since chatbots in the contact center enables self-service and faster resolutions. Trio allows you to create your own bot to relieve human workforce with digital interaction.

Solution Certified for Microsoft Teams

Trio Contact Center Certified for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft’s certification program is developed to provide customers with the assurance that each partner’s solution has been tested and verified to provide the quality, compatibility, and reliability they expect from Microsoft solutions. We are proud to be certified for Microsoft Teams.

With the contact center in Microsoft Teams, agents can work with larger teams outside the contact center and at the same time accessing advanced contact center functionality. You can search the entire Trio database in Microsoft Teams for expert help via chat, calls, screen sharing, and video. A team can subscribe to reports via Trio and Agents can receive calls using Microsoft Teams

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