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Training and Education
Training Overview

Learning is an ongoing process; regardless of whether you are a new or existing customer, one of our reseller partners or an organization looking at an Enghouse Interactive solution for the first time, training is critical to the successful use of our technologies, and maximizing your ROI.

We appreciate that every organization’s needs are different, which is why we offer a choice of ways to learn about our products that will enable you to maximize the full potential from your chosen solution.

Tailored, Role-based Learning Resources and Tools

Training doesn’t have to involve time away from the office. We offer onsite hands-on classroom-based training, self-paced online training, webinars, simulation-based tutorials, and videos. From quick reference cards to tips for successful deployment – it’s all at your fingertips! Our classes are designed to accelerate user adoption and increase productivity.

Training your team is an investment in your organization's first point of contact with your customers
Training Options to Suit Your Needs
1. Instructor-Led Training
Delivered by our expert instructors in one of our classroom environments or at your location.
2. Virtual Instructor-Led Training
Delivered remotely, your team will interact directly with an on-camera instructor.
3. Online Learning
Use our free learning management system to provide your team with the convenience of self-paced learning anytime and anywhere.
4. Customized Training
After assessing your requirements, we will create a curriculum specifically tailored to your specific needs.
training and development
Features & Benefits
Enhance Customer Experience

Developing your employee’s skills with the contact center tools will improve metrics and increase first contact resolution, resulting in an improved customer experience.

Increase revenue
Increase Profit Margins

Organizations that invest in their employee training earn 24% higher profit margins 1

Reduce turnover rate
Reduce Turnover

94% of employees2 would stay with a company if there were investments in their training and development.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

68% of employees3 say training and development is a company’s most important policy.

(1) Not Investing in Employee Training is Risky Business, Emand Rizkalla, Founder & CEO, Bluedrop Performance Learning (2014)
(2) LinkedIn Learning Workplace Report (2021)
(3) 5 Surprising Employee Development Statistics You Don’t Know, ClearCompany (July 20, 2014)
Training Dates

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