Chronically Overwhelmed. Underfunded. Understaffed.

The Healthcare industry has been overwhelmed with the recent realities of the Covid-19 pandemic and chronic underfunding of various healthcare services over the last couple of years. Add to this, the reality of increasing shortages of Doctors, Nurses, Personal Care Workers and Administrative staff that are no longer able to work under these conditions and/or are increasingly concerned about additional crises.

A contact center can become the main point of contact for both inbound and outbound ‘as needed’ services and ongoing patient support. Healthcare providers and healthcare related organizations know that keeping patients engaged and providing them a timely and empathetic experience is of primary importance to keeping patient fears in check, while helping everyone have a better overall healthcare experience.

Proactive versus Reactive Patient (and Caregiver) Engagement

At the same time, Healthcare Systems are increasingly under pressure from non-traditional healthcare providers who apply innovation and technology to improve how people take care of their health. Flexibility is now key, and traditional Healthcare Systems are typically more limited in their ability to adapt due to their legacy systems, proprietary technologies, lack of modern APIs, and increasingly, personal privacy and healthcare information security concerns.

As more flexible technologies are coupled with traditional core systems, innovation can more easily be driven across the institution’s infrastructure. Leveraging those legacy core systems while complementing them with innovative and more adaptable digital capabilities, such as SMS alerts and voice or email notifications, chat, and video, will empower healthcare organizations to keep pace with changing patient expectations.

Make Patient and Caregiver Engagement a Priority

The reality is that Healthcare is never static, and the flexibility provided by a fully integrated approach has now become an absolute requirement. Digital technologies can be added to address any specific shortcomings in their existing capabilities, while providing both a much better experience to both the patient and the care giver. A patient may now choose to engage with a healthcare provider while at home and be provided with some initial guidance to deal with the situation via a call, text message or video, while deferring the need to go to the Hospital. Or they may be provided some help while on a call, while a message is triggered for an ambulance or emergency services support. Patients have come to expect to be able to use whatever communications channel best meets their needs at any moment in time in their daily lives, the expectation is that they should be able to do so when taking care of their health as well.

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Digital Healthcare Can Now be Provided to People Everywhere

Healthcare Systems that continuously look forward will be able to benefit from the increased flexibility that digital technology provides them. They will be able to deliver better services, more quickly and to a more geographically dispersed group of people that could not previously get leading-edge healthcare without the use of digital tools and capabilities.

Use Cases
Evolving to Meet Constantly Changing Patient Needs and Expectations
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Use Case
Solution Set
Applied Solution
Use Case
Proactive Wellness Care
Applied Solution

AudioBranding for professional messaging at all touchpoints. Self-service and voice biometrics for identity verification. Contact Center as a Service for comprehensive inbound & outbound patient and staff communications, leveraging Microsoft Teams UC for enhanced collaboration (incl. Teams video) between care staff, and extended to patients. Proactive Outbound Notification engages with patients on the devices they prefer, to remind them to follow specific protocols, refill prescriptions and to confirm upcoming appointments. SmartQuality used to standardize caregiver and support staff evaluations, eliminate bias and ensure patients are treated with empathy. AI Insights gathers information from all patient conversations, identifying any serious issues and ensures Patient EMR records are updated with pertinent information. Call Recording and QMS records, indexes and protects and encrypts all patient conversations – for follow-up if required.

Use Case
Patient Engagement and Virtual Visits
Applied Solution

Enghouse Connect integrated with Cloud Contact Center for both communications and collaboration. Patient/Doctor session conducted over EnghouseUC videochat – using QMS for Cloud the call is recorded and indexed for easy retrieval and playback. Conversation is transcribed for inclusion in Patient’s EMR via CTI . HIPAA and all other privacy regulations adhered to.

Use Case
Medical and Insurance Claim filing, Billing Status Updates and Payment Reminders
Applied Solution

Customers are provided with a range of digital self-service options, enabling them to interact with IVRs and Chatbots in simplifying follow up on their account status themselves. Escalation to an agent is always available. Up-to-date information for making an Insurance Claim is provided from the Knowledge Base in the format they prefer. Outbound Notification sends payment reminders and interfaces with PCI-DSS payment processing ensuring no financial information is retained. HIPAA is respected.

Use Case
Improve the Patient Experience
Applied Solution

Call Recording and Quality Management is deployed to record all inbound and outbound calls. Each call scanned, analyzed and indexed for key words, phrases or terms. Content Analyzer reviews calls in real-time, issues identified and triggers specific actions or notifications for immediate follow up. All calls can be appended to the patient EMR along with the recording. SmartQuality ensures all healthcare provider behavior is accurately tracked and exceptions identified for coaching and training.

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