Enghouse Consulting Practices provide a wide range of services to improve overall operational efficiency and effectiveness in delivering the Customer Experience (CX) customers expect

Benefit from over 35 years of industry-leading Contact Center experience to ensure that your Contact Center is providing customers with what they need, when they need it, as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Enghouse Consulting Practices apply a structured set of core methodologies and industry best practices to deliver services designed to help Contact Centers deliver the best experiences, and extract the most value from their applications, solutions, and customer data.

icon Optimizing Professionalism with AudioBranding
All voice, video, online technologies, and platforms.

Enghouse’s AudioBranding Practice helps organizations create a recognizable audio brand that will become as familiar as its visual brand for customers who interact with them through their IVR’s, voicemail prompts, seasonal or promotional messaging, and web applications.

Leveraging our professional writers, voice talent, and high-quality recording studio ensures the best possible auditory experience and maximizes overall audio clarity for ease of understanding and comprehension.

Capabilities Include: persona development, prompt writing, high-definition audio production, language translation, and context and cultural validation. AudioBranding relies on its voice actors that are experts in more than 32 languages, that are at ease designing the voice branding you need to meet increasing customer expectations for intuitive use and professionalism.

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icon Optimizing Access to Information with Knowledge Management Solutions
All UC, CC, and xCaaS technologies and platforms.

Enghouse’s Knowledge Management Practice ensures that organizations provide the right information quickly while delivering the best possible customer experience. It ensures that your organization can provide 24/7 support to agents and customers through improved self-service and deflection of routine queries.

Knowledge Management identifies the source and underlying root cause of the most frequent inquiries – either when interacting with live agents or when using self-service. By assessing, enhancing, and updating available customer-facing information, Knowledge Management helps ensure that customer support costs are lowered by deflecting those repetitive queries to automated technologies while ensuring that any unique or complex issues are handled by an appropriately skilled agent.

Capabilities Include: Knowledge base development, implementation, operationalization, ongoing management, and optimization (content and process) to ensure that information sought is delivered in the most effective way possible. Turnkey solutions and service bureau approaches can also be provided along with community forum development and management.

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icon Optimizing Access to Information with Survey Management
Seamless gathering of customer, transaction, and interaction data across all enterprise systems including CRM, Help Desk, Point of Sale (PoS), outbound dialers, and data-bases.

Enghouse’s Survey Management Practice helps organizations and research professionals collect and analyze quality customer data across various sources (web, phone, and IVR-based data collection) to accelerate the development and delivery of detailed actionable insights.

If your organization already collects customer data or not, the Survey Management teams will come into your organization, assess your current and future data collection needs, benchmark your current capabilities (if any), and provide guidance into the optimal way this information should be used to better differentiate your organization and its services.

Capabilities Include: Simplifies or undertakes – on a service bureau basis – complex surveys without the need for adding in-house expertise or specialized resources. The turnkey services approach provides all advanced programming, integration(s), and reporting.

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icon Optimizing Agent Development and Education with Agent Improvement
A wide-range of platforms, and other open-standards based applications using momindum API and SmartQuality integrations.

Enghouse’s Agent Improvement Practice optimizes the implementation and use of momindum Agent Development and SmartQuality. Offering a choice of 2 complementary AI-powered solutions, this consulting practice helps accelerate the improvement of customer engagement and its success.

Agent Improvement helps organizations create, manage, and deploy AI-enabled tools that review and help optimize the customer’s interaction with agents across the customer journey.

By enabling the combination of video, voice, and screen-sharing, momindum Agent Development makes the creation and ongoing updating of training content very simple. By automating the creation of chapters, index keywords, and insert sub-titles (in English as well as other languages), it simplifies the process of delivering consistent training across your organization, whether you operate locally or globally in numerous languages.

SmartQuality enables organizations to ensure that up to 100% of all agent interactions can be listened to and evaluated , based on a consistent set of standards, applied uniformly and consistently without bias or personal preference across the organization.

Capabilities include: assessment of organizational agent development capabilities and gaps, immediate and longer-term recommendations and implementation program. Can encompass the deployment and activation of agent development capabilities along with the option of ongoing support. Offered from the cloud, the implementation and optimization of these capabilities are simplified and quick.

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