We Cater To a Broad Range Of Industry-Specific Needs

Enghouse Interactive has been providing Contact Center solutions to a wide range of industries for many years. The company has worked with major players across these industries to develop and refine the applications, tools and interfaces to meet industry-specific needs, and to ensure that the Customer Experience (CX) provided helps organizations exceed their customer’s expectations.

For inbound, outbound or blended service requirements, Enghouse Interactive Contact Center solutions provide the reliability, flexibility, and resiliency that today’s organizations demand to serve their customers 24/7/365.

Adaptability is Key As Integration Needs And Communications Platforms Evolve

From dedicated centralized PBX’s deployed at a single site to disparate platforms networked together across regions or different countries, integrations needs are constantly evolving. Connecting a Contact Center platform used to be a long and complicated process. Today, using open standards and an applications architecture, Contact Center can be quickly deployed and operationalized with minimal disruption. Improved efficiencies, advanced capabilities and industry-specific applications can be added with minimal effort and cost.

Microsoft Teams certified
Microsoft Teams Certified for Enhanced Collaboration

With the unparalleled global growth and adoption of Microsoft Teams by organizations of all types and sizes across all industries, Enghouse Interactive has developed a simplified and certified integration process so that organizations can benefit from the intuitive and user-friendly Microsoft Teams interface to collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Hybrid Work Environments

The New Reality of Remote Agents and Digital Communications Channels

The rapid adoption of work-from-home scenarios for agents, back-office staff, subject matter experts (SMEs), and management as a result of the pandemic as clearly demonstrated the need to be adaptable and resilient regardless of industry. Customers will always expect great service, no matter where they or the contact center agents may be located.

At the same time, customers also expect easy access via digital communications channels. Inbound communications are increasingly digital whether from the customer’s mobile device or engaging with your web site. These expectations ensure that proactive outbound communications from your organization which keep these customers up-to-date by way of digital communications, audio messaging or both, will be well received.

Hybrid work environments
Cloud-Based, On-Prem or Hybrid, the choice is yours

Regardless of what technology is currently in-place, we can facilitate the migration to the cloud – either as a complete one-time migration or in phases. If your organization needs to extend the life-cycle of your existing technologies, we can deploy new services exactly when, where and how they are needed… using a hybrid approach, or by adding onto the on-premise equipment. Each has its advantages, so you can decide exactly how you evolve your services for the future while optimizing your mix of Capex investments and Opex spending.

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